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Rix Roundtree-Harrison


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  July 14, 2010

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The Cars of Tomorrow
Chapter 7
By: Rix Roundtree-Harrison

The Cars of Tomorrow
Chapter 7
by Rix Roundtree-Harrison

Nick Thime's handsome profile with eyes filled with electric intensity looms above the face of Powaqa Nightbird.
Powaqa’s head is tilted back and her half closed eyes emit dreamy romance.
Nick and Powaqa’s lips are within kissing distance.
Nick is holding Powaqa's limp body parallel to the floor; her arms hang vertically from her body to the floor in a position of complete surrender.
Slowly Nick's lips move closer to Powaqa's lips and then suddenly the house begins to rumble and shake, the plumbing moans and a massive wave of water erupts from the spigot in the large laboratory sink. The giant wave of water splashes to the floor and the enraged water-thing takes on a human-like form.
Its massive water arms spread and it charges at Nick and Powaqa. Its pluming water body spins aggressively as it hurls itself towards the still bodies of Nick and Powaqa.
But to its surprise it smashes not into Nick and Powaqa but into a wall sized mirror.
At the opposite end of the room Nick releases Powaqa who quickly knits her brow, mouths a silent incantation, and waves her hands.
The hollow eyes of the mirror image water-thing looks into the eyes of it's real three dimensional self, and like the mythical monster Medusa whose gaze can turn men to stone, the water-thing gazes at it's reflected image and it begins to turn to ice.
From a console Strode pushes a button and the mirrors begin to fold around the frozen creature creating a box like container to hold the frozen creature.
"Good work team!" Nick Thime shouts.
"You see Nikolas," said Strode, "I told you the image of you and Powaqa in an intimate embrace would enrage the creature and cause a violent reaction in the water-thing, thus bringing it out into the open, making it able to be captured."
"We did it Strode, we did it!" says Powaqa proudly.
The scientist beams with pride. "Yes Powaqa, we did indeed."
"Excuse me,” Nick interjects, “what about me? I helped too. The pose Aqa and I struck was my idea. It was one of my favorite still images from a film," said Nick proudly. “It’s the romantic clutch John Gilbert has on Mae Murray in the 1926 silent film "The Merry Widow."
"Yes Nikolas," says Powaqa and Strode in bored unison.
"Stroddy," says Nick, "now that you have captured your creation what are you doing to do with it?
A solemn look blankets Strode's face. "Revert it back to harmless tap water I suppose."
"Good," says Nick, "the sooner it's gotten rid of the better! Now I can shower, have a shave and brush my teeth in my own bathroom again."
"Well for now Nikolas I will have to store it as we have a scheduled breakfast with the racers this morning."

The large brick building spans several blocks. A large brick sign near the sidewalk entrance has a plaque affixed to it that reads "HOWARD UNIVERSITY."
Across the busy street sits a one story building with the name "WILSON'S" brightly displayed on the tall sign out front.
Behind the building large plate-glass windows, patrons can be seen sitting at the restaurant counter eating. To the right is a booth occupied by Nikolas Thime, Powaqa Nightbird and Hezikah Strode.
"Nikz, you hurt that poor girl's feelings. She thinks she got your order all wrong," says Powaqa Nighbird.
"But she did get it wrong," answers Nikolas Thime. "But her feelings should not be hurt. I was very polite about it, it was an honest mistake. I simply told her to take the strawberries back as I did not order them."
"But you did order them Nikz."
"No, I did not," says the attorney. "When I placed the order I asked the young lady did she have any canned strawberries. She said "yes." I told her to top my pancakes with the canned strawberries. But when she brings my order the pancakes are topped with fresh strawberries which wasn’t what I asked for."
"So you sent your order back to be redone because the strawberries were fresh?"
"What's wrong with fresh strawberries Nikz?"
"Then why did you send them back?"
"Because the strawberries were fresh; I've told you Aqa I like my fruits and veggies to come from a can."
"Nikz I don't understand your fresh versus canned.........." But before Powaqa can finish her sentence Hooker Hood and Axel Anderson walk up to their table.
"Mornin’ Mr. Thime, Miss Nightbird, Mr. Strode," says Hooker Hood.
"Good morning Mr. Hood, Mr. Anderson,” says Nick. “Where is the rest of your crew?"
"Junior, Bo, and Wendell are hung over and couldn't make it," answers Axel Anderson as he sits next to Nikolas Thime.
"I take it all of you went out drinking last night, so why aren't you two hung over?" Nick asks.
"I don't get hung over," says Axel Anderson, "I drink so much my system is use to it."
"As foe me daddy-O," chimes Hooker Hood, "I'm always drunk. I'm drunk now, so's I don't have time to git hung over."
"Always drunk, even when you race?" asks Powaqa with alarm in her voice.
"Miss Powaqa, I caint race lessen I'm drunk. But you know what I really am rite now, hungry. So scoot on over baby and let me sit here next to you and order me some grub." Hooker Hood plops down beside Powaqa pinning her between himself and Strode.
"You feel good this morning don't you Mr. Hood?" Powaqa asks.
"Baby, not only do I feel good, I'm Hooker Hood, and I'm here to make you feel good; so c'mon baby, let me butter yo’ toast."
Powaqa’s face takes on a confused grimace. "Mr. Hood, that had the sound of a simple offer of assistance, yet I get the feeling that I should slap your face."
Hood grins at Powaqa and takes her hand. "Baby, yo' sexy hands can slap me silly, all day, and aaaaall night. You can even spank me if you wanna."
"Let go of my hand!"
Hooker Hood releases Powaqa's hand, pulls hash brown potatoes from her plate with his left hand and throws them in his mouth, while he throws his right arm around Powaqa’s shoulders.
Powaqa rolls her eyes and displays a defeated look. While chomping on the hash browns Hooker Hood ask, "So why’d you ask us to meet you here Mr. Thime?"
"T.C.O.T were not stopped by the Army."
"What the hells a T.C.O.T?" asked a confused looking Axel Anderson.
"Oh yeah, that's Army code for The Cars Of Tomorrow. Not only were they not stopped, they have been lost. I think you guys can track them down."
"Excuse me?” says Axel Anderson with alarm. “Track them down? And why would we want to do that?"
"Because,” says Nick, “it’s imperative that we find them before they strike again and more people are killed.”
“Is this what you were getting’ at in yo’ office when you told us and that foxy Miss Jade “NASCAR Drivers Save The World?” Hooker Hood asks.
“That’s not exactly what I said, but yes, that is what I was alluding to. You guys are some of the best race car drivers in the world if anyone can catch up to, follow and find out where The Cars Of Tomorrow are hiding it’s you. You would be doing me a great personal favor if you would hunt them down for me. But it is dangerous and I understand if you do not want to do this.”
A contemplating Hooker Hood rubs his chin. “Mr. Thime all you just said ‘bout me is true, I am the greatest race car driver in the world; but what is also true is that them Cars Of Tomorrow are killers and I aint got no desire to git killed.”
“I have no desire to be killed either Mr. Thime,” says Axel Anderson. “But when we needed you came to our aide and got us out of trouble and didn’t charge us a dime. I’m grateful and I feel I, we, owe you, so if you want me to hunt down those damn cars, I got one question for you, when do I start?”
“Now,” answers the handsome attorney.
"Why now Mr. Thime?" Anderson asked.
Nick waves his arm in the direction of the restaurant’s windows. "Look around you gentlemen; it's a beautiful day, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining. That old sun is very important; you see I've noticed that T.C.O.T appears during bright sunshine filled days. Remember the rainy day after their Wilson Bridge/Mixing Bowl attack? They were not seen that day. I believe that because of the cloudy conditions they could not come out and collect the sun energy with their solar panel bodies. I believe that they require a lot of energy to use their weapons. I believe that they depleted their stored energy when they destroyed the Wilson Bridge, so they then went into hiding until the next sunshine filled day when they could…recharge. That day was yesterday when they were back up to full strength took on the Army and defeated them.
"Like I said I'm game Mr. Thime,” says Anderson. “Another reason I want to do this is because I want to know who is behind all this and almost got us thrown into the poky for grand theft auto. I wanna do some payback"
"Well,” adds Hooker Hood, “if Yankee is gonna do this then I can speak for Junior, Wendell and Bo. We're gonna do it to cause anything Yankee can do, we can do better."
"Great,” says an excited Nikolas Thime. “I think you should begin your hunt in Spotsylvania County or Fredericksburg."
"That's a lot of territory," said Hooker Hood.
"Yes it is,” said Nick, “Stroddy.”
Strode pull up a briefcase and places it on the table, he opens it and pulls out a map which Nick Thime takes.
“I have determined the routes that I think T.C.O.T will take. I have marked them on this map. I want the five of you to take spots along these routes and be ready.
“What we gonna use for wheels daddy-O?” asked Hooker Hood.
“I have appropriated some fast vehicles for you, the……”
Axel Anderson cuts Nick off in mid-sentence. “Wait a minute. You’ve already gotten the cars for us? How’d you know we would do it?”
“Judging by your personalities I knew that you would not pass up the opportunity to see whose better, man or man-less machine.”
Incomprehension covers the faces of the two racecar drivers and Axel Anderson asks, “What do you mean “man-less machine?”
“Bo Fields was right,” answers Nick, “there wasn’t anyone driving the Corvette the night you were attacked at the convention center. The Corvette, Cadillac and Chrysler were remotely controlled by someone and it appears that The Cars Of Tomorrow are being remotely controlled as well. We need to find out by whom.”
“Well I’ll be damned! Now I am ready,” said Axel Anderson. “Mr. Thime you said you got wheels ready for us? Let’s rock ‘n roll!”
“Yes I have cars ready. Like your race cars they’ve been stripped down so that they are light weight and fast.”
“Manual transmission? I don't wont no automatic."
“Yes, manual transmissions.”
“2-door coups? Don’t wont no 4-door family car.”
“Yes, 2-door coups.”
“Great daddy-O; I can whiz down the road chasin’ hot cars while lissnin’ to my favorite country tunes on the radio.”
“I’m sorry Mr. Hood, but I’ve had the radios removed from the cars you will be using.”
“Why?” Axel Anderson asked.
“For your safety Mr. Anderson; I believe that whoever it is controlling T.C.O.T they also have the ability to control other vehicles through radio control. As I mentioned to you they did this with the Corvette, Cadillac and Chrysler at the convention center and the tractor trailers that destroyed the Mixing Bowl. I believe it is through the car radio that the perpetrator is accessing this control. So if you had a radio in your vehicle whoever is behind this would be able to control it and destroy you before you could even get anywhere near the SUVs."
“Ahhh hell, who needs music anyway?” says Hooker Hood with bravado in his voice but with a look of worry on his face.

Outside of a Texaco filling station stands Hooker Hood. He is surrounded by a bevy of beautiful young girls who are swooning and thrusting small writing tablets at him.
"Can I have your autograph Hooker?"
"Me too Mr. Hood," says another.
"Sugar dumplins, I gotta tell you that my autograph aint free. The price foe my autograph is, yo' phone numbers."
A buxom young girl opens her denim jacket reveling melon like bosoms beneath a low cut T-shirt. "Hooker honey, I don't have a notepad so could you sign my T-shirt?"
But before Hooker Hood can grant the young lady's request he glances down the road and spots the futuristic Chevrolet Valhalla SUV tearing down the roadway. He thinks to himself, "Well I'll be damned if Mr. Thime won't right, there's one of them cars of tomorrow."
He drops his pen and says to the young girls, "Darlins, duty calls and I gotta go, but as for you baby," he says to the big bosom girl, "keep that page open, old Hooker will be back through to sign it."
Hooker Hood runs over to a silver Mercury coup and jumps in. His eyes follow the Chevy Valhalla SUV that is speeding away from him down the hilly winding road. He says to himself, "Man, she is haulin' ass down route 301. Man-o-man, she's gotta be doin' a hunnert. Darlin', papa is comin' after you."
In his silver Mercury Hooker Hood chases the Chevy SUV down the two lane road. The Chevy Valhalla does a 180 degree spin in the middle of the road. Its headlights take on a menacing glow and then from them erupts its deadly fire-energy beam.
Hooker Hood jerks his car's wheel and dodges the beam and instead of striking him it strikes trees along side the road, sending them up in flames and setting the forest afire.
Hooker Hood continues his chase of the Chevy SUV. He then notices that the Chevy’s rear tailpipe begins to glow. He slams clutch and gears and spins his Mercury in a 180 degree spin and flees from the SUV. Then the tailpipe becomes a flame thrower as a plume of fire shoots from the exhaust pipe in the direction of the fleeing Hooker hood.
In his read view mirror Hook Hood can see the arc of flame that chases him. On his face is a crooked smile that is half smile and half sneer as he says, "Baby doll, you gonna haveta do better'n that." Hooker Hood drives his Mercury over to the shoulder and up the side of a raise embankment and the streaming flame misses him.
Hooker Hood spins into the center of the roadway and shouts at the Chevy SUV, "That was tired; you call yourself a car of tomorrow? My grandma could out drive you with one hand tied to the stick shift, and she’s old."
Suddenly Hooker Hood is jolted when his car is hit from behind. He looks in his rearview mirror and sees a driverless, new 1958 Dodge black 4-door sedan with the price of "$4,595," written in large white numbers across it's front windshield.
The new car strikes him again, trying to push his car off the road and into the woods that is rapidly being consumed by the fire created when the Chevy SUV’s energy ray accidentally set fire to the trees. The Chevy SUV is now rapidly speeding toward Hooker Hood.
As smoke from the forest fire begins to fill the area Hooker Hood says, "I gotta git outta here." He throws his Mercury in reverse and spins past the new car which strikes the approaching Chevy SUV head on.
The front ends of both the Chevy SUV and the ’58 Dodge are smashed, but Hooker Hood watches with open mouthed amazement as the front end of the Chevy SUV begins to repair itself. In seconds, the broken right headlight and smashed grille have repaired themselves looking pristine and brand new.
Then both the Chevy SUV and the ’58 Dodge with its smashed front end spin and face Hooker Hood. Their rear tires screech as they spin and burn rubber as together they charge at Hooker Hood’s vehicle.
Hooker Hood works the gears, hits the gas, and spins away in reverse. He works the gears and jerks the steering wheel and does a 180 degree spin and roars away from the two vehicles that are coming after him.
The Chevy SUV and the ’58 Dodge catch up to him. With the Chevy SUV on his right side and the Dodge on his left they sandwich him in, and like two metallic tectonic plates try to crush him between them. Repeatedly they smash his automobile between them and as hard as Hooker Hood tries he is unable to escape them.
Steam begins to mist from beneath the hood of Hooker Hood’s damaged automobile, the tires warble making the vehicle hard for Hood to control.
When the two dangerous vehicles pull outward and come in again the for final deadly squeeze play, Hooker Hood slams down on the brakes bringing his car to a screeching quick halt and the two vehicles shoot pass him and smash into each other. They bounce off each other and end up in the ditches on the opposite sides of the road.
Hooker Hood jumps from his steaming, smoking, failing vehicle, runs towards the woods and dives into the thick brush.
When the Chevy SUV pulls itself out of the ditch, it faces Hooker Hood disabled Mercury and from it's headlights fires it's energy beam which strikes the Mercury and it erupts into a ball of hellish flame.
The ’58 Dodge is still in the ditch. The Chevy SUV again shoots an energy beam from its headlights; this beam gently strikes the ’58 Dodge gently pushing it out of the ditch.
Peering from the woods that hide him, Hooker Hood watches as the two automobiles spin about in the center of the road.
The headlights of the Chevy SUV now throw off beams like searchlights that scan the woods. Hooker Hood says to himself softly but with disbelief, "I'll be damned, she's lookin' for me," and he begins to nervously perspire.
Then from the distance the sound of sirens can be heard. Hooker peers down the road to see two gleaming fire engines in route to combat the forest fire further down the road that was started by the Chevy SUV.
The Chevy SUV and the ’58 Dodge are aware of the approaching fire fighting vehicles. Their rear tire squeal and burn rubber to the road as they speed off in the direction of the forest fire and vanish in the cloud of thick white smoke that is billowing down the roadway.
A relieved Hooker Hood springs from the wood and runs to the road waving his arms to get the attention of the approaching fire fighters.

Bo Field's mouth forms a determined slash across his face, his eyes are intense with concentration as the two-tone Edsel coup he is driving whizzes past the sign that reads “Route 33.”
In front of him is the fleeing Oldsmobile Eternity SUV, which is trying to lose him.
"Oh no pretty girl, like you caint get away from me that easy, you're mine."
The Olds SUV smashes through a tall wooden fence and leads Bo Fields into a lumber yard where tall stacks of lumber create wooden skyscrapers.
As Field maneuvers the Edsel around the stacks of lumber the Oldsmobile SUV begins to spin in a circle, its rear tires spin in the dirt throwing up a dust cloud.
Lost in the dust cloud Bo Fields tries to find the elusive Oldsmobile. From within the cloud Bo sees something that begins to glow and out of the dust cloud the headlight energy beams of the Olds SUV shoots pass Bo Field's vehicle. "Ha, like you missed me."
A soft rumbling sound begins, “Uh oh,” says Fields with fear in his eyes. Then the sound intensifies and becomes a thunderous roar as an avalanche of lumber comes crashing down on Bo Field's Edsel.
The sound of the Oldsmobile SUV's screeching tires are heard as it emerges from its dust cloud. It drives onto the hard asphalt of the roadway, its rear tires spin and burn rubber as it roars off and disappears down the road.
In the lumber yard a battered and bruised Bo Fields crawls out from beneath the mammoth pile of lumber that has crushed and flattened his Edsel.
He checks himself to make sure that he is alright and after determining that he is, he sits atop a pile of lumber and shakes his head in disbelief.

The highway sign on the lonely stretch of roadway reads “US RT 1.” Sitting off route 1 is a large warehouse complex. The large sign near the roadway entrance to the warehouse reads "BEST PRODUCTS."
Axel Anderson in a white Ford coup pulls into the warehouse parking lot. He drives around back where idle tractor trailers sit. He looks over to the bank of loading dock doors and spies what he was looking for. Hiding behind a large dumpster is the Buick Skyscraper SUV with the sun beaming down on it.
"I thought I caught a glimpse of you pulling in here," he says to himself.
He parks his Ford at the opposite end of the parking lot, away from the still Buick SUV. He opens his car door, steps from his vehicle and walks towards the Buick SUV completely unafraid.
"Well hello there my beauty, remember me? We met that night at the convention center. My friends and I tried to get to know you and your girlfriends, but you all thought you were too good for us, locked your doors on us and wouldn't give us any play."
When Axel Anderson reaches the Buick SUV he takes his right hand and gently runs it along the automobile smooth glittering finish, caressing its contours as he walks along the side of the luxurious vehicle.
"Oomph, just look at you, you are one gorgeous creature. One would never know you've been fighting with the Army and Air Force, not a scratch on you. But I heard that's due to the special makeup that you use. What’s it called, "Covergirl Nanobots Ultimate Cover-Up" or maybe, "Max Factor: Nanobots Paris Collection?"
Axel Anderson continues to walk around the automobile caressing it. “Yes, you are a beautiful thing, but you know that don't you?" The Buick's engine emits a soft purr.
"You conceited minx, I wish I owned you, but I'll bet you're like that movie star Marlene Dietrich who said, "I can be had, but I can't be possessed." Can I have you baby? How’s about just a quick little spin around the parking lot, what do you say baby?"
The driver's side door of the Buick SUV opens slowly and invitingly. Axel Anderson gives the car a distrustful gaze but walks toward the open door. When he reaches for the open door it quickly slams shut and locks.
A broad grin covers Axel Anderson's face. "You fetching witch! One thing for sure, you’re all woman, you little tease. But as gorgeous as you are, I have to remember that you've hurt and killed many innocent people and you will be brought down. And I am the man that is going to take particular delight in bringing you down. I know you could vaporize me right here where I stand with one of your ray blast, but I don't think you will, like me you want to see who's will is stronger yours or mine. So how’s about it baby, me and you, right here, right now?"
The Buick's engine releases a challenging roar.
Unafraid Axel Anderson walks with his back to the Buick SUV back to his Ford. He slips inside the Ford turns the key in the ignition and starts it. He revs the engine to a growling roar, places his left hand on the steering wheel and his right on the gear shift and shouts, "LET'S ROLL BITCH!"
The rear tires of both vehicles scream as they spin and burn rubber on the pavement. They are heading straight at each other. The Buick SUV’s headlights begin to glow then they shoot several short burst of its headlight energy blast at Axel Anderson's Ford.
Anderson deftly swerves the Ford avoiding the blast that strike and destroys a parking lot lampposts.
As the Buick SUV swerves to avoid the falling lamppost, Anderson spins his Ford so that its rear end smacks a trash barrel and sends it flying at the Buick.
As the Buick focuses its ray blast on the oncoming trash barrel Anderson rams it in the side. The Buick throws itself in reverse all the while the dent in its side created by Anderson repairs itself.
Axel Anderson notices that the radio antenna of the Buick SUV is vibrating rapidly.
He then notices strange large shadows on the ground and looks up in the air to see that these shadows are created by the six tractor trailers that are suspended in mid air.
Due to some sort of magnetic energy emitted by the Buick SUV the tractor trailers move through the air and above Axel Anderson’s Ford.
Axel Anderson only has time to say, "Holy shit!" before tractor trailers begin to rain from the sky. He throws the Ford in reverse barely being missed by the falling tractor trailers that crash to the ground and smash into pieces.
In reverse, he roars up a ramp and smashes backwards through a warehouse bay door.
The Buick SUV gives chase using its headlight energy ray to blast the tractor trailer debris out of its way. The Buick SUV roars up the ramp and follows Anderson into the warehouse.
The narrow warehouse aisles do not allow Anderson to right is vehicle so he speeds through the warehouse in reverse.
Each time the Buick's headlights begins to glow Axel Anderson know that it is about to discharge it's headlight energy weapon and he cuts the wheel and screeches in reverse down another aisle.
The deadly headlight blast strikes tall industrial warehouse shelving, causing it to collapse, sending televisions, refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers smashing to the warehouse floor.
Looking through the back window of his automobile Axel Anderson continues speeding through the warehouse in reverse. Then the wall ahead of him explodes into a fury of flying bricks as a tractor trailer comes barreling through the wall like a runaway locomotive.
Anderson's feet slam down on the brake and the clutch and the Ford screeches to a stop.
Anderson sees the tractor trailer is speeding towards him from the rear while the Buick sits idle in front of him. The look on his face says that he is weighing his options and he throws the Ford into 1st gear. His tires squeal and he heads straight for the Buick. Then to his surprise the Buick is encased in the cellophane looking protective energy field that makes it impenetrable.
"Goddamn you girl. You set me up beautifully! You steered me into this warehouse so that you could get me between a rock and a hard place, so that you could squash me like a bug between you and the tractor trailer."
Anderson is moving to fast to stop his Ford before making impact with the Buick protective energy field and the tractor trailer is just inches from his rear bumper.
Axel Anderson continues speeding straight towards the Buick, and then suddenly cuts his wheel to the right and his vehicle speeds under some warehouse shelving. The shelving is low and violently slices off the roof of the Ford.
Anderson’s roofless Ford continues to moves at blinding speed through a stack of boxes and then through a large wall lengthy plate glass office window and into an office filled with desk, typewriters and other office equipment. In his vehicles he ducks from the shards of flying window glass.
The tractor trailer crashes into the Buick protective field, the Buick does not move, but the tractor trailer cab collapses down like an accordion. The trailer goes up into the air then comes down; smashing shelving as it does, sending more large appliances flying through the air.
The trailer continues to violently slide across the warehouse floor, smashing into the metal shelving that Axel Anderson had escaped though.
Anderson pops up from having ducked down into the seat and his eyes grow wide as he sees the turbulent chaos of large tumbling appliances and rolling shelving, being pushed by a sliding trailer all rapidly coming at him through the broken plate glass office window.
Axel Anderson slams the clutch, works the gear box, and drives the roofless Ford straight through the office smashing and knocking desk and typewriters out of his way.
He slams down on the gas and aims the Ford at another plate glass window. On the opposite side of this window is the outside parking lot.
He crashes the Ford through the large window and it becomes airborne, flies over shrubbery, and smashes down in the paved parking lot. Anderson jerks the wheel of the careening Ford and spins to a perfect 180 degree stop.
Axel Anderson sits in the roofless Ford and watches tumbling appliances, shelving and the trailer comes through the broken front plate glass windows and come to rest in the lush shrubbery, just as fires erupt in the office and warehouse.
In the parking lot Anderson wipes his brow and with exasperation exclaims, "Damn; that Buick is not a woman you want to play with."
At the rear of the warehouse, one of the loading dock doors explodes open. The Buick SUV flies out of the warehouse and roars down a loading dock ramp to the parking lot pavement below.
The Buick then speeds over to the side of the warehouse and stops, its engine emitting a low hum. From this vantage point it can see Axel Anderson sitting in his damaged vehicle in the front parking lot.
Though the Buick car of tomorrow is a machine composed of steel, it is almost seems as if it is viewing Axel Anderson with admiration. Then its rear wheels spins and screech, its tires burn rubber, it spins itself around in a 90 degree turn, speeds off into the woods behind the warehouse and vanishes.

Dusk is beginning to settle and the parking lights of the vehicles traveling up and down I-95 begin to burn softly.
Off the interstate highway the tall brightly lit sign that stands above the tallest trees reads "KING'S DOMINION."
Wafting over the trees come the sounds of excited screams. The trees clear and the area is a brightly lit amusement park, filled with thrill rides like roller coasters and Ferris wheels.
From the thrill rides come the excited screams amusement park attendees can be heard lofting above the trees.
Suddenly the screams of excitement are replaced by screams of fear and horror as the beautifully gleaming Cadillac Xcaliber and Pontiac Amazon SUVs roar through the amusement park parking lot chased by Junior Johnson driving a gray Plymouth coup and Wendell O. Scott in a silver hot rod Lincoln coup, who are in turn being chased by a half dozen siren blaring white police vehicles with “HANOVER COUNTY POLICE” painted on their sides.
The Cadillac and Pontiac SUV’s headlight energy beams destroy any vehicle in their path, and the broken bodies of walking men, women, and children who were also in the path of the two Cars Of Tomorrow fly through the air as they are mowed down by the two speeding vehicles.
The Cadillac and the Pontiac SUVs smash through the ticket gate and roar into the amusement park. They are followed into the park by Wendell O. Scott’s Lincoln, Junior Johnson’s Plymouth, and the half dozen wailing police cars.
The smiling faces of the riders of the spinning Tilt-A-Whirl are splashed with ecstasy as they enjoy their ride.
Their ecstatic looks turn to looks of concern as from the ride they see two futuristic vehicles speed pass the ride and then spin to a stop, one on each side of them, and see a squad of police vehicles with rotating lights and sirens howling approaching them.
The headlights of the Pontiac SUV begin their ominous glow and a beam of energy strikes the Tilt-A-Whirl. The beam does not destroy the amusement park ride, but makes it spin faster and faster until the images of the horrified people on the ride are only a spinning blur.
Then the headlights of the Cadillac SUV begin to glow and it fires an energy blast. This blast dislodges the Tilt-A-Whirl from its moorings and sends it airborne into the evening sky like a flying saucer from outer space.
The Cadillac cuts it's beam and the Tilt-A-Whirl comes falling down to earth like the space family Robinson's crashing Jupiter 2 on the TV series Lost In Space.
A woman, whose face is flush with fear, points up into the dusk sky at the rapidly falling Tilt-A-Whirl and screams.
A couple of the police officers jump from their police vehicles and flee as the violently spinning Tilt-A-Whirl crash lands on the six police cars destroying them, itself, and it's unfortunate riders in an explosion of twisted metal.
The Cadillac and Pontiac SUVs spin off through the park and Johnson and Scott give chase in their vehicles.
The rollercoaster with the name "SHOCKWAVE" emblazoned across the first car reaches the crest of a hill then drops down into a jungle of tracks. As it speeds up another hill a beam of light energy strikes the track completely destroying it and the speeding rollercoaster is airborne. It is heading straight for the giant Ferris wheel and collides with the Ferris wheels center hub, causing the Ferris wheel to dislodge.
The Ferris wheel squeals and moans as it separates from the hub, then falls to the ground creating a sound like thunder and then rolls in the direction of Scott and Johnson automobiles.
As it rolls it throws passengers from their seats and into the dusk. Others who are trapped in their seats are crushed like bugs on an automobile tire as the Ferris wheel rolls rapidly along.
Johnson and Scott's vehicles are stopped in a narrow space between concession stands. They can't go forward or in reverse as there are too many running and confused people in front and behind them.
Just as some of the police officers did before the Tilt-A-Whirl crashed, they jump from their cars only seconds before they are crushed by the Ferris wheel.
The Cadillac and Pontiac cars of tomorrow then spin around and speed through the water park. As they roar through the water park their wide tires throw up a giant wave of water that cloaks the SUVs, and when the watery veil splashes down the Cadillac and Pontiac SUVs are nowhere to be seen.

The stately brick building with white pillars on its front has a sign out front that reads, "HANOVER COUNTY COURT HOUSE."
Inside Junior Johnson is on the telephone, "Me and Wendell lost 'em Mr. Thime."
"And you say you've no idea where they disappeared to?" Nick Thime asked on the phone from his Washington DC office.
Nick is silent for a moment, then speaks into the phone again. "Yes, I've heard from Fields, Hood and Anderson and their news was the same as yours, T.C.O.T got away after almost killing them. Thank you for doing this, you certainly didn't have to and after the events that have happen I shouldn’t have asked it of you, I feel bad about that. But I'm thankful that you all are alive and unhurt. I would have felt horrible, not to mention responsible should anything had happened to you guys."
Back at the Hanover police department Junior Johnson says, "Don't sweat it Mr. Thime, we were glad to do it, it was excitin'. We'll do it again if you want us to, just git us some mo’ vehicles."
"Oh no, no more of that, you've done enough. Actually you've been a tremendous help," with phone in hand Nick Thime walks over to his office window and looks out into the night, "because even though T.C.O.T got away from you, your encounters with them tells me a great deal."

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