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Artist - Cylab


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Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Washington (WA)
Signed up: 13 Dec 2007 12:17 AM
Members: SeVerina X Sol, Percy Trayanov, Dre
Genre: Electronic
Influences: Recently been described as Haujobb meets Sneaker Pimps


CYLAB "Musicbox"
(live at Batsday 2006)

Rising from the ashes in a questionably apocalyptic world is CYLAB.

Like an audio sound design mad man in a lab coat, the classically trained pianist Percy Trayanov birthed his electronic brainchild CYLAB in the late stages of 1999. Based on dark electronic foundations, the material varies style, breaking structural boundaries, incorporating different vibes and moods composed of electro, ebm, idm, synth and darkwave. With his weapons of destruction and creation; the keyboard, programming, bass and distorted vocals, Percy needed an element that would make the magick become a manifestation. The triggered chemical reaction occurred when world renowned underground vocal diva SeVerina X SoL entered the CY-LAB. Almost immediately her sultry and hypnotic voice became a perfect fit to complete and refine the melt of chaos and balanced harmonic bio rhythms. CYLAB was born… monstrous, magnificent, terrifying and beautiful.


Percy Trayanov – keyboard, bass, vocals, programming, sound design, engineering and production. Percy is recognized in the elite of classically trained pianists in Europe. He is known for his remixing and production talents lent to genre artists such as Collide, Atomica and Agonized by Love.

SeVerina X Sol – vocals, style direction and co-production. Severina X Sol comes from a seasoned musical background. She was a founding member, lead vocalist and co-producer of Diva Destruction where she recorded the group's first album "Passion's Price?, which was recognized in Robert Smiths Top Ten favorites, featured rave reviews in all top genre magazines and won many awards. For five years she was the lead vocalist and partner in the coldwave-electro formation Fockewolf.

CYLAB would like to introduce their newest member and live touring percussionist Dre (a.k.a. Databomb). Dre's projects include CYLAB, CTC, NoiseBox (1985-1997), Skinny Puppy collaborator and featured clubs as DJ Shyza

Eccentrik Festival 2007 Performance - Ilker Yücel, Assistant Editor , Re:Gen Webzine

"To hear Cylab perform live is to risk sending your heart into arrhythmia; the sheer amount of bass pounding out of the speakers was enough to awaken the dead. In his introduction, Kantrip made note of the group's incorporation of trip-hop, evident throughout their performance from the foggy ambience that permeated throughout such songs as "Dented Halos" and "Path," and the chilling yet melodic vocals of Severina. With the other band members throwing themselves about behind their synthesizer racks, it was up to Severina to provide the visual focal point, dancing about on stage, throwing herself completely into the distorted rhythms and even donning a mask for "Mask of Silence" for a bit of eeriness, with her red and black locks flowing wildly. Another facet of Cylab's performance was the inclusion of a rather unlikely cover: Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box." Indeed, until the now famous chorus of "Hey! Wait! I've got a new complaint!," one would be hard pressed to recognize the song. Transforming those sedate guitar arpeggios for a throbbing electro bass line that could almost crawl under the skin, and with Severina seductively drawing the audience in, the band managed to successfully make the song all their own. By the end of their set, the audience was spellbound by Cylab's genre-bending electro style, recalling the danceable tension of Haujobb mixed with the discomforting calm of Sneaker Pimps."

Benny Hell, Kulturkampf Media Productions, LLC. - 2007

Every track on 'Satellites' is exceptionally well-crafted. As I've sat and listened to the music I get the image of someone that has worked hard to become a master-craftsman, a Faberge in musical eggs, working into the small hours of the night to perfect the objects of beauty that are being offered to the world. The harmonies that Percy Trayanov composes fit hand in hand with the ethereal vocals of SeVerina. Unlike many projects I have encountered that have a female vocalist, there is nothing here that draws away from her voice. Every note is written to compliment it. Percy shows his masterful talents as a pianist on songs such as, 'Masks of Silence,' his classical background on the instrumentation of, 'Tides,' and the driving drums and sequencing of, 'Dented Halos.' With the exception of 'Tides,' on which she co-wrote the lyrics with Percy, SeVerina is responsible for the lyrical content of every song on this album. She has taken her past and present experiences, merged them with a hope and vision for the future, and is beaming them out into the world through her music. 'Content,' the album's second song, shows how alluring her voice can truly be, and the use of delay on her vocals is very ethereal and compelling. Very well done! Of particular note is the song 'His Lost Reflection,' on which the delicacy in her voice is cast aside, and she displays just what steel lies behind the pleasing to the eye veneer and ear-caressing vocals. In that song, she becomes the Valkyrie-esque embodiment of attitude. Of all the songs on this album, were I to choose my favorite(a very hard task, indeed) I would have to select 'Parting Fields.' This song contains every element of CYLAB that I enjoyed, encapsulated into one track. Driving percussion, excellent sequencing, a sense of movement and growth, beautiful lyrics sung in several voices, and a sense of transformation through self-analysis. It's gives me chills to listen to, even after listening to this album several times. I could go on at length about the quality of her vocals, and the brilliance of Percy's orchestration, but it's better to let you find out on your own.

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