GLIS - Equilibrium (CD) [$19.00] AM 1026
The rising future pop-EBM star's new CD has arrived. Their third album features two new songs and remixed versions of songs from their very successful current album, "Balance." Features remixes from HAUJOBB, LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA, NAMNAMBULU, SERO.OVERDOSE, DELOBBO, SEIZE, and others. The result is yet another superb and skillfully cultivated collection of contemporary EBM from GLIS' deep arsenal. The band is currently preparing their extended US tour with RAZED IN BLACK and AYRIA in November 2003. On Alfa Matrix.

LAIBACH - Tanz Mit Laibach (CDS) [$10.00] MUTE 241
Taken from their album "WAT," "Tanz Mit Laibach" is inspired by German-American friendship. The new single features mixes by UMEK, JOHANNES HAIL, ZETA RETICULA, and TEMPONAUTA. On Mute.

NAMNAMBULU - Distance (CD) [$19.00] FACT 3001
Hailing from Switzerland, NAMNAMBULU play a wide range of melodic electro/futurepop with catchy hooks and warm non-distorted vocals. The band has already been compared to bands such as ASSEMBLAGE 23, VNV NATION, and CAMOUFLAGE. The first DJ only single by NAMNAMBULU, "Memories," managed to enter the German alternative charts within the first week after being sent out to the club DJs. The act is being touted as the "next big thing" by all the music magazines, and they have already established themselves with their remixes of LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA, FINAL SELECTION, DAVANTAGE, ENDANGER, and others. On Infacted Recordings.

PERFIDIOUS WORDS - Breaking the Silence (CDEP) [$11.25] TRI 189
After their critically acclaimed album "Spreading Silence," the German synthpop mega stars PERFIDIOUS WORDS return with a sister mini album entitled "Breaking The Silence." This mini album contains one new track, one stunning cover version of BJÖRK's "All Is Full Of Love," as well as great remixes from diverse musical projects. Remixes have been done by SERO.OVERDOSE, B! MACHINE, INFEKKTION, ANGELS & AGONY, DJ RAM, and the almighty TOM WAX, the latter is one of the biggest German Techno DJs and a die-hard fan of PERFIDIOUS WORDS. This release with 15 total tracks is not another boring remix CD, but a true must have for all fans of PERFIDIOUS WORDS and those just becoming acquainted with this legendary synthpop band. On Electric Starfish.

PROJECT-X - Modus Operandi Limited Edition (2CD) [$19.00] ERCD 156L
The new CD from Sweden's leading EBM/Electro act is finally here! On "Modus Operandi" the band continues to develop their musical aggressions further, blending their special sounds together with more noise and melodies to create dance music for the electronic generation. The first edition of "Modus Operandi" comes as a limited edition double CD with remixes from acts such as ASSEMBLAGE 23 and E-CRAFT. Be ready for a new attack on the dance floor... The weapon is here. On Energy.

SIEBEN - Sex and Wildflowers (CD) [$19.00] TRI 188
"Sex and Wildflowers" is a highly accomplished work from Matt Howden, the man behind SIEBEN. Matt is a talented artist known from his former collaborations with SOL INVICTUS and with a seemingly effortless delivery that is at once simple and masterly in the best dark-folk tradition. With a nod to chamber music, Matt's distinctive style is hallmarked by soothing voice and twinkling strings, but the attractive sound is often belied by dark and disturbing themes. For lovers of ambient music and the classic contemporary minimalism, the "Sex and Wildflowers" album is a dream come true. Music without concessions, majestic, obscure, intense, dark, but under which a light layer of bittersweet melancholy beats. On Iceflower.

[:SITD:] - Stronghold (CD) [$19.00] EFA 23467
Hailing from Germany's real industrial heartland, the former coal and steel centers of the Ruhr area, [:SITD:] made a name for themselves a while ago, and can be counted amongst the most perceptible projects of the present European club scene. Their first two releases - their "Snuff EP" as well as the current "Laughingstock" - soared straight to the top of Germany's Alternative Charts DAC and their Dutch equivalent, the DUC! Top Chart rankings, massive radio airplay and club rotation speak for themselves - as do their many successful live shows. Their debut long player "Stronghold" shows that [:SITD:] has grown into a fascinating soundtrack of enormous versatility and variety. Their apocalyptical electro hymns give "Stronghold" an air of diversity and thrill between the heaven of despair and the hell of hope - always full of creativity that will ensure this album to become one of the electro highlights of 2003. On Accession.

TROUM - Sigqan (CD) [$16.50] TROUM 001
Years and years ago the term ambient industrial was coined for this music, as it was too industrial to be ambient, and too ambient to be industrial. These darkened paths in even darker woods are best walked by TROUM. Just like MAEROR TRI, TROUM seem to have mastered this area of subconscious music best. On Desolation House.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Cyberl@b V. 4.0 (2CD) [$21.50] AM 1025
Faithful to the tradition, the fourth installment gathers the best electronic discoveries over the past several months, with promising newcomers next to renown artists, all delivering club oriented material, including 60% unreleased tracks - showing the diversity of the electronic music scene (EBM, future pop, harsh electro, synthpop, power noise, dark industrial, techno trance, breakbeat, crossover, etc.). Amongst the biggest names like FRONT 242, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, NEUROTICFISH, and THE RETROSIC, you will also notice very exclusive mixes by ANNE CLARK, BRUDERSCHAFT, ASSEMBLAGE 23, and PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE. And of course the new electro/industrial/EBM generation is very well represented as well by acts like INTERLACE, THIS MORN' OMINA, AIBOFORCEN, HEADSCAN, LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA, GLIS, ASLAN FACTION, NEBULA-H, COLONY 5, AMNAMBULU, EPSILON MINUS, DISKONNEKTED, NEIKKA RPM, SERO.OVERDOSE, STERIL, and NEUROACTIVE, plus the unexpected and alluring comeback of DIGITAL FACTOR.! Thirty-two tracks on two CD's, over 150 minutes of non-stop electronic club-hits. On Alfa Matrix.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Orkus Clubhits 5 (CD) [$19.00] EFA 61701
As a popular compilation series, "Orkus Clubhits" has successfully been established on the market and is now completed by its fifth and most convincing volume. Once again, the CD assembles all the artists of distinction: ASP, CLAN OF XYMOX, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA, L'AME IMMORTELLE, and many more - established bands who are anything but a nine-day wonder within the Underground charts and relevant playlists! On Orkus.

ALIO DIE/MATHIAS GRASSOW - Expanding Horizon (2CD) [$17.00] RELEASE 6578
The combined effort of renowned sound masters ALIO DIE and MATHIAS GRASSOW brings us "Expanding Horizon," a double CD of deep, evocative experimental atmospheres and electro-acoustic soundscapes. Playing ambient's static tendencies off of shifting melodic and textural passages, they combine their specialties in an enchanting convergence of lighter-than-liquid electronics. On Release.

BRÜDERSCHAFT - Forever (CDEP) [$13.00] AM 1023
The most anticipated release of 2003. A dark scene "supergroup" founded and directed by DJ Rexx Arkana and featuring Ronan Harris (VNV NATION-vocals), Stephan Groth (APOPTYGMA BERZERK-vocals), Joakim Montelius (COVENANT-programming) and Sebastian Komor (ICON OF COIL-music). Features nearly a dozen remixes totaling almost 80 minutes of music. All net profits from sales will be donated to charity for the purpose of cancer research and treatment.

CHRIST ANALOGUE - Everyday is Distortion (CD) [$15.25] FLAGRANT 001
"Everyday is Distortion" is the latest effort from hard electronic artist CHRIST ANALOGUE. Inspired heavily by events endured in New York over the past 5 years, "Everyday is Distortion" takes a diagnostic and critical look at the world around us. The vocals illustrate an unmistakable human passion that can never quite escape the electronic structures that consume them. Musically, "Everyday is Distortion" boasts a sound arsenal of filtered percussion and intricate arpeggiations designed from the ground up and sequenced together with mathematical precision. Creative use of organic instruments establish a cohesive balance throughout this 16 song album. On Flagrant.

DROOM - Stay! (CDS) [$6.50] ADD 1170
DROOM is an exciting synthpop/futurepop band from Canada with a dramatic and dark sound. "Stay!" is their new single and features three versions of the title track, plus two additional tracks. On A Different Drum.

THOUSHALTNOT - The White Beyond (CD) [$15.50] DFD 20913
THOUSHALTNOT have made a name for themselves with three releases that showcase their classical music training, incredibly intelligent and yet accessible lyrics, and their love and knowledge of modern electronic pop music. Their powerful writing and digital sounds have brought inevitable comparisons to Martin Gore's best work with DEPECHE MODE as well as the more serious moments of PET SHOP BOYS, but THOUSHALTNOT have also proven their sense of humor with a lounge lizard cover of "Headhunter" and a good-natured satire track called "If I Only Were a Goth." Their new album, "The White Beyond," is a very spiritual work that explores the relationships we form in life, and what happens to those relationships when our life ends. Despite the weighty subject matter, the album still manages to include a number of up-tempo tracks that are destined for heavy club play. On Dancing Ferret.

TOY DEPT. - Empty Empires (CD) [$13.50] TOY 001
TOY DEPT. is the up-and-coming synthpop duo from San Francisco. Their debut album, "Empty Empires," was recorded over a nine-month span, the resulting album displays a dark, edgy sound infused with subtle pop hooks, comparable to the works of CAMOUFLAGE and the early works of WOLFSHEIM. Self-released.