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AND ONE - Krieger (CDS) [$10.00] VIRGIN 5474392
The highly-anticipated, new AND ONE single has arrived! Four versions of "Krieger," including a remix from OOMPH! On Virgin.

ASP - Weltunter [$19.00] TRI 181
The German industrial rock shooting stars are back! With only two albums, ASP has taken Europe's Gothic clubs by storm. Combining a classical music, orchestral sound with haunting rock riffs, synthesizer-driven breaks, and irresistible choruses, ASP provides a real alternative to the future pop scene that still dominates the gothic/electro-charts. While retaining their trademark style, ASP has now again proven that they cannot only outmatch themselves, but also realistically offer something new and innovative. On Richterskala.

CHAMBER - Ghost Stories and Fairy Tales (CD) [$19.00] TRI 180
Every new CD from CHAMBER is an interesting experience, which leaves the listener impressed by the beauty of the music and stunned by the talent of Marcus Testory (ASP). Evocative titles, intellectually stimulating poetry, strong melodies, a feel for language, smooth clear voices, and a polished professional sound characterize the work of CHAMBER. Each track seems possessed with vigor and displaying certain nuances, which work well in guiding the vocals amidst the energy of melodies and assured compositions. Magnificent music for loneliness, invitation to reflection, this is an art that truly reaches your deepest thoughts. The CD is released in very stunning and beautiful cross-shaped digipack with a fold-out poster booklet. On Sad Eyes.

CHRISTIAN DEATH - Love & Hate (CD) [$19.00] FREUD 64E
Formed in 1979 and originally from Los Angeles, CHRISTIAN DEATH were one of the first bands to use so called "Gothic" imagery, and their first pioneering album in 1982 is often mentioned as inspiring the Gothic movement. After being made aware of their influence on many British and European bands, they moved to Europe and played their first British dates in mid-1984. Different album and single releases have appeared on French, Italian, and German labels, gaining them an immense cult following. The band has a history of scandal with their lyrics, music imagery and artwork, as well as the bands name itself. "Love & Hate" first appeared in 1989, and it has been reissued with the bonus track, "Temples of Desire," and a video clip. On Jungle.

PAIN¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ - Skin of Fire (CD) [$19.00] EFA 23464
After three months without release, Accession Records is back with a true hit, PAIN¤¤¤¤¤¤¤. PAIN¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ offers a high-quality debut of the hard and heavy kind and proves once more that it might be worthwhile to watch out for newcomers - especially when they offer sound attacks like these. The strength of PAIN¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ lies within the catchy melodies, supplemented by demonic hard drums and an expressive, distorted voice blending smoothly into the sound. All songs, from mid-tempo beauties to dynamic dance-floor smashers, are supplied with an exiting and emotion-packed atmosphere without ever losing its power and subtlety. PAIN¤¤¤¤¤¤¤'s music combines traditional EBM and dance elements to create a modern sound without any weakness - and its incredible energy hits the listener with full force. On Accession.

PLASTIC - Sense of Life (CDS) [$10.00] EFA 23465
Finally, the follow-up CD to PLASTIC's "[Kunst]: Stoff" release. PLASTIC charted at once with their debut album, hitting no. 8 on the German Alternative Charts (DAC) and no. 7 on the Dutch Underground Charts (DUC), staying on the list for a number of weeks. A number of live shows with well-known bans like VNV NATION, APOPTYGMA BERZERK, OOMPH! and HOCICO took the band all over Europe, proving they can deliver the goods on stage just as well as in the studio. With "Sense of Life" they've given us a fantastic five track single! The new line-up has improved the PLASTIC sound - no mean feat considering the high standard they started with - and added to the wealth of ideas in their musical mix. This has resulted in a club anthem beyond compare. Let's just assume the new PLASTIC album due out late October 2003 will be a real masterpiece! On Accession.

PSYCHE - Babylon Deluxe (CD) [$19.00] EFA 23466
Not so long ago, cult band PSYCHE started their fabulous comeback. Their first new single "Sanctuary" became an international club hit immediately and was followed by their album "The Hiding Place," zooming into the German dance charts. Afterwards, PSYCHE spent a lot of time touring in countries like Spain, France, Switzerland, Britain, the USA and, of course, Germany, before they returned into the studio. And now, here it is: "Babylon Deluxe," their tenth official album. With their lead-off single, "The Quickening," released in June still on hot rotation in clubs and radio stations, Darrin and Remi, the creative force behind the exceptional electro act, now finished their main body of work - an accessible, exciting musical tour touching all facets of electronic pop music in typical PSYCHE quality, but without sacrificing their own sound and style to the flashy use of trendy elements or forced commerciality. PSYCHE stay true to form. On Accession.

SANGUIS ET CINIS - Th1rte3n (CD) [$19.00] TRI 187
This is a special album. It's the most cohesive SANGUIS ET CINIS album by far - a completely realized project. This is a far departure from their last album "Alright, Let's Rock!" That album had shorter, hook-laden minor chord classics. "Th1rte3n" prefers longer pieces with hypnotic, steady beats, fantastic basslines, with Celine's and Eve's voices. Literary references abound. SANGUIS ET CINIS crafts some serious lyrics here. This time the band worked with producer Alexander Krull (ATROCITY, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, CREMATORY…) to have the perfect sound for their awesome music - and the result is truly amazing, blending death rock, gothic metal, and a touch of classical to produce an extreme, dark hitting release that will appeal to gothic and metal fans at the same time. The first 2000 copies will be released in a beautifully designed digipack. On Sad Eyes.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Advanced Electronics Vol. 2 (2CD) [$20.00] SPV 63612
An essential, double CD compilation from Synthetic Symphony. Features exclusive tracks from VNV NATION, DE/VISION, CLAN OF XYMOX, and others. Features 34 tracks in all from artists including APOPTYGMA BERZERK, THE FAINT, ABSURD MINDS, MESH, WOLFSHEIM, PSYCHE, BEBORN BETON, and more. On Synthetic Symphony.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Der Seelen Tiefengrund Vol. 6 (CD) [$19.00] EFA 61700
Within a very short time, "Der Seelen Tiefengrund - Music For Candlelight & Redwine" has developed into a new, tremendously popular cult darkwave compilation series. Romantic moments enjoyed with red wine and candlelight are perfectly completed by the musical highlights on this album. Top stars of the scene, such as UNHEILIG, PERSEPHONE, THE FAIR SEX, ENGELSSTAUB, MANTUS, ZERAPHINE, or BLUTENGEL are sure to strike a chord in the listener. Release in a digipack,, strictly limited to 1000 copies. On Zoomica.

ZEROMANCER - Famous Last Words (CDS) [$10.50] WEA 6445
The brand new single from ZEROMANCER delivers three heavy-hitting tracks from their forthcoming album. Features the songs "Famous Last Words," "New Madonna," and "Gone to Your Head." On Wea.

AND ONE - Aggressor (CD) [$26.00] VIRGIN 5931462
German synthpop act AND ONE delivers their brand new full-length to their rabid fans. "Aggressor" heralds a return to the "classic" AND ONE sound found in their early releases. "Aggressor" is a sonic hand-grenade ready to explode on the dance floor! Copy protected. On Virgin.

ATRIUM CARCERI - Cellblock (CD) [$16.50] CMI 125
With ATRIUM CARCERI, composer Simon Heath releases his debut Cold Meat album with a theme from deep within isolated prison walls, haunted chambers, and the cerebral cortex. "Cellblock" takes us on a journey through what darkwave should have been, filled with details and complex mixing techniques. With a classical music background and as a member in ZA FRUMI (Waerloga Records), Simon decided to make something new of the darkwave genre he always listened to in younger years, thus the project ATRIUM CARCERI was born. With the debut album, ATRIUM CARCERI position themselves somewhere in between the exuberant sounds of CMI labelmate SEPHIROTH, and the subterranean rumblings of Loki Foundation stalwarts INADE and PREDOMINANCE. On Cold Meat Industry.

COMBICHRIST - The Joy of Gunz (CD) [$19.00] SPV 39472
COMBICHRIST is the brand new electro/industrial side project from ICON OF COIL vocalist Andy LaPlegua. "The Joy Of Gunz" presents very hard edged EBM/industrial in the vein of other top Out Of Line acts such as DULCE LIQUIDO, HOCICO, and SOMAN. Pummeling dancefloor grooves and distorted beats combine with scathing vocals and electro arrangements to produce a full-tilt dancefloor onslaught. The electro-industrial project of ICON OF COIL singer LaPlegua is a perfect symbiosis of hardest EBM-elements, enriched with industrial sonorities and completely freaked-out samples of vocals from all kind of sources. The first track by COMBICHRIST, released on "Awake the Machines Vol. 4," has become a club hit in Germany within few weeks and most of the tracks on "The Joy of Gunz" are of the same, if not higher quality! This is the first offspring of the Norwegian act ICON OF COIL and although it sounds very different, this album is a must for all fans of the band and of lovers of the harsher, more noisy and danceable stuff. On Out of Line.

ENFUSION - Outermission (CD) [$19.00] FW 002
With "Outermission," the project ENFUSION presents another facet of sound among the releases of FunkWelten. ENFUSION produces an excellent space/chillout sound. "Outermission" is a catchy and elegant CD which takes the listener to atmospheric fields and invites him to a journey beyond space and time. On FunkWelten.