Ok, Brian from Color Theory has made it official!!!!!

"Between diaper changes, I've been working diligently on a new album. The idea came after recording "I Want You Now" for an upcoming Depeche Mode tribute CD by Pop Cult Records. There are plenty of DM tributes on the market, most of them hit and miss. I thought, "Wouldn't it be great to have a tribute CD by a single artist that flows like an album?" Half-jokingly, I'm going to include my song "Ponytail Girl", which has been traded the world over as a Depeche Mode song and even appears on some pressed bootleg CDs. Here's the promotional text I've come up with:

An album-style tribute to Depeche Mode, complete with two new interludes. Eleven of their most underappreciated songs reinvented, plus "Ponytail Girl", the Color Theory original that the world mistook for DM. "

Ok, so we know he will have "I Want You Know" and the infamous "Ponytail Girl".

what do you think the final track list will be?????