It's been a really long time since I posted a update here on the current/upcoming reviews I've got for, so I thought I'd go ahead and try to bring everyone up to date. I'm currently working on my review of Syrian's "De-Synchronized". After that, i've got the following in my upcoming review pile:

A-ha "How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head" Limited 2CD edition, Venus Hum "Big Beautiful Sky", Sweep "Two Players", Droom "While We Can" MCD, China Touch "Bringing Out The Dead", Assemblage 23 "Disappoint" MCD, Tycho Brahe "Cassiopeia", The Dignity Of Labour "Belief", Virtual Server "Upgraded", Wideband Network "Universe", Scribe Machine "Fragile" MCD, Faith Assembly "Shades Of Blue" Deluxe Edition, Eloquent "Future Pop", Faith Assembly "My Mortal Beloved", Various Artists "WXJL Presents Music For The Masses: Volume 2", Joy Electric "We Are The Music Makers", T.O.Y. "White Lights", System 22 "Sundown" Limited 2 Cd Edition, Various Artists "Synthpop Club Anthems 2", Various Artists "Venusa XX: A Collection Of Femina Vox", Various Artists "Venusa XX 2: A Collection of Femina Vox", Ova Looven "58:34", Plastic Org. People "The Meaning (Of Love)" EP.

The just recently finished reviews include (this is the past 6+ months, I didn't keep that good of records for dates):

Heaven 17 "Bigger Than America", Resurrection Eve "Rapture", A-Ha "Minor Earth Major Sky", Column 5 "Share", Neuropa "Every Second" MCD, De/Vision "Digital Dream" EP, Various Artists "Electricity II/ The Best Of Ninthwave", Faith Assembly "Ghosts I Have Been", Joy Electric "Robot Rock", The Dignity Of Labour "Demo", Tycho Brahe "Tasty", In The Nursery "Cause + Effect", The Human League "Dare / Love & Dancing", Various Artists "Space Age Electro Pop - The New Wave Of The New Century", The Echoing Green "The Winter Of Our Discontent", Intuition "Further", Midiboy "Synthpops" Pre-release, Joy Electric "The Tick Tock Treasury", Cosmicity "Too Far Gone" MCD, Wolfsheim "Casting Shadows", Faith Assembly "Windmills" DVD/CD, Nukleon "Earth Rising", The Postal Service "Give Up", Channel 69 "1 Minute And 50 Seconds Of Guilt", Fr/Action "Crimes Of The Future" Special 2 CD Edition, Macondo "Up Here For Thinking, Down There For Dancing", Perfidious Words "Hydrogen Skies+", Mesh "Friends Like These" MCD, I Satellite "Auto:" limited EP, I Satellite "Auto:Matic", Declaration "Digital Exposure" EP, Michigan "Graceful And In Sin", Wideband Network "Orbit" MCD, System22 "Somewhere Nowhere" MCD, De/Vision "Drifting Sideways" MCD, LP-T "The Move", The Northern Territories "Orange Moon", Iris "Awakening" (Limited Edition), De/Vision "Devolution" (Limited 2 Cd Edition), Various Artists "Synthpop For A Darkened Room", Syrian "No Atmosphere" MCD, The Echoing Green "Fall Awake" MCD, David Vesel "Calliope", B! Machine "Machine Box" 5 CD Boxset, The Pomes "Mind/Body Problem", Mystechs "Showtime At The Apocalypse", Monoltihic "Power Undiminished", Various Artists "Electro Nouveau", Sequential "Autumn Songs", Scribe Machine "Replicant", The Symbion Project "Immortal Game", Raindancer "Sleepless" MCD, Another Mission "Struggling To Rise", Low Technicians "Remembrance", Cause & Effect "You Think You Know Her" MCD, Cause & Effect "The Sunrise EP", Seven Words "Fall From Grace", Aalacho "Sugar", Column 5 "Faith On The Line", Wave In Head "You", Somegirl "I've Been Known To Be Completely Wrong", Perfidious Words "Zwischen Zeitrausch Und Leben" Limited Edition, Colony 5 "Lifeline", Null Device "Sublimation", Voice Industrie "Power Up" MCD, Monolithic "House Of Joy" MCD, Red Flag "Codebreaker T133", Aaron Sutcliffe "Fever" MCD, Aaron Sutcliffe S/T EP, The Northern Territories "Satellite People", Untold Dream "The Third Phase" EP, Various Artists "A Plastiq Christmas", Assemblage 23 "Defiance", Gary Flanagan "Future Fashion", Intuition "Two" MCD.