June 2003

Our exciting news this month is that URBANISM and its artwork are now finally completed and in the record companies hands at last. The album will be preceded by the release of an 8-track single called LIQUID BLUE (the album itself is to be released in early September).

Here is the track listing for LIQUID BLUE:

01 ‘Liquid Blue’
02 ‘Time/Travel’
03 ‘Film Star’ ESH Idiot Grin mix
04 ‘We Are Industry’ Single edit - Tycho Brahe
05 ‘Dollar In Blue Collar’ Synthetik FM mix
06 ‘Chimes’ Extended mix - One Lazy Ear
07 ‘Little Alfie’ Alfie Go Lightly – C2I mix
08 ‘High’ Classic Slow mix - No Comment

LIQUID BLUE will be our first commercial single release with Ninthwave Records. Produced by our dear friend John Giacobello in New York (Count To Infinity and now Giallo www.gia-llo.com). Whilst utilizing the ESH song writing and vocal style, LIQUID BLUE also showcases John Giacobello’s dynamic production technique, helping create a sensually charged and lyrical, modern electro dance track. This eight-track single features all new and previously unreleased remixes and collaborations with Tycho Brahe, Count To Infinity, ESH, No Comment, SynthetiK FM & One Lazy Ear as well as a brand new instrumental track called TIME/TRAVEL. This latest release is sure to please many of today’s electro/synth fans and synth purists as well as introducing EMPIRE STATE HUMAN to a number of first time listeners too

Here is the track order for URBANISM:

01 ‘We Are Industry’
02 ‘Dollar In Blue Collar’
03 ‘Liquid Blue’
04 ‘Dreams In The Mirror’
05 ‘Digital City’
06 ‘High’
07 ‘Post Madonna’
08 ‘Slaves’
09 ‘Spinster’s Kiss’
10 ‘Reprise’

It’s been a long yet enjoyable experience working on the new album. Having completed a first version of it early last year, we then decided to re-record it all over again as we weren’t totally happy with the production style. That decision to re-record was indeed a wise one, as what we have now is by far a much superior version than the first one; the production now at last meeting the quality of the songs.

We’ve officially set up our own recording studio called electric eye. It’s a big decision to base ourselves in the one place, but it’s one that gives us 100% control and freedom with no time restraints regarding the mixing, programming and the amount of new material we can produce. The first fruits from electric eye; ‘Dreams In The Mirror’, ‘Post Madonna’, ‘Slaves’, ‘Spinster’s Kiss’ & ‘Reprise’ will all feature on URBANISM, whilst ‘Film Star (ESH Idiot Grin mix)’ and ‘Time/Travel’ both feature on the new single LIQUID BLUE.

Thanks to Rori Grable for his review of Alpha & Omega, that’s currently on-line at PreAmp.com, a web site that gets over 100,000 hits per month.

Thanks also to ACyD BURN for his recent review of Alpha & Omega.

Here is the text of his review.

Empire State Human- Alpha & Omega

‘Traditional Synthpop purists EMPIRE STATE HUMAN are synonymous in the electro circuit and can be found on many play lists throughout the world. Released through Ninthwave Records, Empire State Human is another of the elite Synthpop purists which Ninthwave is known for and is a fine example of what is out there today keeping the Synthpop purist tradition alive and well.
Alpha & Omega transcends the boundaries of many bands that label themselves as "Synthpop". Alpha & Omega shows what real Synthpop is all about and personifies the EuroSynth sounds from the 80's that have influenced the New Wave of Synthpop artists of today and tomorrow.

’Adrenalin (Empires free rein mix’ kicks off Alpha & Omega with iridescent grace. A well crafted track slightly reminiscent of acts like Yaz and Erasure. Although the use of modern equipment is evident, it adds to the sound and doesn’t take anything away from the traditional synthpop sound. It’s a great way to start off Alpha & Omega and is one of the more notable tracks found here.
‘Little Alfie (deep in the dirt mix)’ follows suit as another strong track with a vibrant dance beat with catchy arpeggios and a flavourful lyrical content.
’Paradise (paradise lost mix)’ I've always said personal relationship conflicts, although painful at times can be a solid foundation for a great music track. Songs people can actually relate to as well as appreciate. As you listen you can see that sometimes we can't count on paradise to be something that lasts forever. As the old saying goes ‘nothing good, lasts forever’.
’Strange Star (Wave In Head remix)’ takes a stab at those people who think themselves as someone to bow down to. A bouncy beat does accompany this track and it is quite infectious. "I like".
‘Leap Of Faith (Empire’s acid mix)’ is a mix of Old School Electronics meshed with New School percussion that may compare to Depeche Mode sty lings. Futurepop may be what we can box this track into as far as sound comparison but what I hear is a track that easily would fit into any 80's New Wave dance night and get a great crowd response and not take away from the 80's vibe when attending a Old Wave night at the local dive. Well done.
‘Chimes (One Lazy remix)' exudes elegance, instrumental in nature smooth and sultry. ‘Chimes’ is a moving piece of music with a lot of emotion in its composition. I really like this one a lot. Mellow and soothing, add a glass of chilled wine and a dash of candle light served with Nag Champa for extra ambience.
‘The Atom Of The Moment (Empires split mix)’ follows suit with a smooth electronic cocktail full of flavour. This track, along with ‘Chimes’ may not be traditional but are masterful pieces of work adding to the bands diversity.
‘The Hall Of Mirrors (Empires radio edit)’ the "Pet Shop Boys" come to mind here, while I soak in the sensual electro backdrop. It’s a smooth, mellow composition, displaying emotional and lyrical content.
‘Vegas Years’, ‘The Persuaders’, ‘Sullen Eyes’, ‘Science Of Living’, ‘Halloween’, ‘Fallout’ and ‘Wait Until The Night’ finish off Alpha & Omega. With the instrumental textures of ‘The Persuaders’ and ‘Sullen Eyes’ and with a trip hop beat mixed with Morrissey like vocals. This cd is a monumental journey into the world of purist inspired Synthpop, with a couple of tracks outside the purist element adding a diversity to the mix of tracks here.
Empire State Human are quite capable of creating equally impressive Darkwave and Trip Hop inspired material. As a whole, this cd from a musical standpoint adds another notable notch in the continuing history of Synthpop and Electropop-music. Empire State Human continue to impress their fans by improving their sound with each release.
Alpha & Omega contains 15 tracks of immense Synthpop and Electro masterpieces that will easily become more valuable as time goes on’.

- ACyD BURN rates it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Music For Humans EP is now available for sale via another on-line source http://www.brokenseal.de/News0203.htm.

(This is not meant as a review section, nor will every album be electro-based and from within the scene either, but merely albums we think great and that deserve more recognition for their accomplishments.)

Artist: Zoot Woman
Album: ‘Living In A Magazine’
Label: Wall Of Sound
Band Website: http://zootwoman.cjb.net

Track Listing: 1>It’s Automatic 2>Living In A Magazine 3>Information First 4>You An I 5>Nobody Knows (Part One) 6>Nobody Knows (Part Two) 7>The Model 8>Jessie 9>Chicago, Detroit, L.A. 10>Losing Sight 11>Holiday Home

Much praise has been heaped upon Jacques Lu Cont, both as a remixer and about his first project/band Les Rythmes Digitales. Well we’d like to add to the compliments about his current project Zoot Woman, who are in our opinion one of the best ‘electro’ bands out there. They even supported Madonna on her Drowned World Tour.

The great achievement with ‘Living In A Magazine’ is that it’s definitely an album you can play right through from track one to track eleven; it’s beautifully produced, written and arranged, along with stylish artwork and design. The vocals are strong and confident, with little studio effects. Everything sits comfortably in the mix. Even their cover of Kraftwerk’s ‘The Model’ brings something new and fresh to the table; they do real justice to it here. For preference, ‘Information First’ is the stand out track (this really should have been a big hit). There’s an American slant to the production and song writing, with heavy Hall & Oates influence throughout the album. With the soft keyboard chord sounds they’ve used, it helps bring our ears to the sunny electro clubs of L.A., Chicago and Detroit very easily.

‘Nobody Knows (Part One)’ was featured on the brilliant compilation This Is Techopop, released by Ministry Of Sound in the UK. ‘Nobody Knows (Part Two’ is a fine instrumental in itself, and stands up besides anything out there in the field, it’s so well crafted and layered. That’s another stand out moment.

If you get the opportunity of picking up this album, then please do. Don’t accept any criticism of it by ‘trend-tagging’ reviewers (what do they know anyway?). Pass word onto your friends to buy a copy, to increase the sales and help make a second Zoot Woman album a possibility. For a second album not to happen would be a great shame indeed. Whatever you do though, don’t burn yourself a copy. Help the artist to help you – BUY IT INSTEAD!