Here's my somewhat delayed review of the awesome debut from Intuition. This and nearly 500 of my other reviews are available at :

  1. Stargate
  2. Two
  3. Danger
  4. Mirror's Reflection
  5. Always Pointing
  6. Fear Of Hard Times
  7. Just Love Me
  8. Holding On
  9. Calling
  10. I Want You Back
  11. Bleed
  12. So Easy

I've been looking forward to this album ever since Ken Porter first let me
hear the track "Two", and ever since then my anticipation has only
built as first the single for "Two" was released, and then I heard the
track "Just Love Me" on the "Synthpop For A Darkened Room"
sampler. The tracks on the single and the compilation track only strengthened my
belief that this would be one of the best sounding debut albums I'd ever had the
privilege to hear. Garret Miles truly has one of the best voices I've heard
(right up there with Brian Hazard Of Color Theory), and Ken really found a
wonderful vocalist to pair with his synthpop stylings.

The album actually surprised me the first time I listened all the way
through. Not all the songs were ultra-catchy dance numbers like "Two",
in fact, the majority of the songs are slower, more contemplative and
emotionally loaded songs such as "Bleed", "Calling",
"Danger", "Mirror's Reflection" and "Fear Of Hard
Times". Well, 7 out of the 12 songs are mid-tempo to slow numbers, but that
doesn't mean that the album drags at all. Rather, the slower songs provide a
even better showcase for Garrett's voice, as he shows just how much feeling he
can put into the song.

And when the album shows the band's more dance oriented side, it does so with
flourish. "I Want You Back", "Always Pointing" and
"Holding On" are all great faster songs, and I really liked the fact
that "So Easy" was promoted to the album after being a b-side to the
"Two" single (due to fan request).

All in all, I loved this album. "Mirror's Reflection" was the only
track that didn't resonate with me immediately, and it's since then grown on me
quickly. Otherwise, I immediately loved every track. This is a album I would
recommend to anyone. Some may say it's a little overly "pop", but
that's silly in my mind. This is a great album, and I heartily recommend you buy
two copies.. one for yourself and one for a friend that needs exposure to some
good music to offset the top-40 nonsense that most people accept being