I am starting a internet radio site featuring all (prerecorded) live dj set's and you have been invited to promote your music and skills on this mega site. Many styles will be represented. From jungle to trance to acid jazz and ambient. So in order to be a part, you will need to send me a cd or two or twelve of your work. Now as far as what you will recieve is banner adds and dj reviews! Promotion in many forms, a profiles page. And most importantly, your name in the winamp window and on the site under current dj. I know as an internet streaming music listener anytime I hear a rockin set i check who the artist is and write it down on a list for dj's to look into. Thousands of people will visit a good stream at once! So the potential is unlimited. You can send me new or old work as long as it rocks. The prefered method is cd / cdr, but please no mp3. Well that's it, the rest is up to you so hope to hear from you soon! Here's a place to find me on the net as well...http://www.gradientweb.com ...Peace -Matthew J Comer.