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Thread: Night number two just as magical!

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    Talking Night number two just as magical!

    As I watch the Lakers get destroyed in Spanish across the street from the Mayan at some dinghy Mexican Dive, I realized am gonna see Martin Gore with only like, what 2,000 people in there?!? So we finished up the last of the Coronas, and crunched down on the last cheese covered nacho. I wiped my hands on to my old "used to be black but now off gray" 101 Tee. Wrapped my Juventes FC scarf round me neck and entered what was soon to be, "one of the best nights of me life!" From the moment Martin began to sing, (although the mic was way to high, initially) I went back to that ole comfortable feeling of being young again, seeing that life did have meaning, knowing that destiny is written in the stars above. And then he honored his fellow band mates, by playing songs that gave goose bumps, goose bumps! His presence, ever so sublime, swayed me body into the rhythm, my hand was with one with his, as he waved it as if I was at a 50 cent show. His rhythm kept us all looking forward to the next rift, Martin was flowing people, and the boy could not be stopped on this "Glorious night of Splendid Beats"
    As the show winded down, I thought to myself, will he sing Somebody, the Grand piano was right behind him, to my disappointment he didn't, but when his offspring's came onto the stage and began to sing like father, my heart was warmed once again, and that ole nostalgic feeling of youthful energy poured right back into me body and my permanent smile of the night continued to do it's job. Last night was one of the best nights of my life, not because Martin was singing, rather it was WHAT he was singing and HOW he made me feel. I would have paid $500 a ticket last night, knowing how blessed the show made me feel.

    Now, the morning after I sit here in my office, reading other fellow Demodian postings about how good Martin Shows were, and that ole familiar smile creeps back onto this face, and I have a feeling it's gonna last quite a long while, thank you Depeche, thank you Martin, you loyal and humbled fan, little 15 A.K.A Long Beach Moose.
    come with me into the trees, we\'ll lay on the grass, and let the hours pass, take me hand, come back to the land.....

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    I sat on the street in the rain and wind and waited for over 5 hours to get a good spot. I thought we had a great chance at a great front row spot since there were only like 4 people ahead of us before the doors opened. About 15 minutes before the doors opened a bunch of people showed up and got in line with the people in front of us. The doors open and we RUN down to the floor. A BUNCH of people who were NOT in the lines with us already had the best spots. I was in second row, right by the speakers. My friend was up against the barrier. We were LIVID!! None of the people who were in our area sat and waited in the rain and the wind, yet they had better spots than we did. Ugh! We were tired, wet, cold and just beyond annoyed. We decided that we were going to push closer. There were a few people who were trying to push and shove closer, but we held them off. My other friends were in the middle of the floor in the second row. We were all bummed because we got separated.

    Martin's family arrived around 8:30. We could see them up in the balcony. His girls are beautiful! The baby looks adorable. They finally settled in and the show started after 9. We pushed up to front row against the barrier. I was behind my friend slightly but I had a great spot against the railing to hold on to. This turned out to be a killer spot.

    Martin was on fire!!! He was bouncing around, smiling and doing his Martin moves. During one of the songs, he jumps off the stage and grabs a sign that said: "Phillipott is so hott." He showed it to him and then us. After the song, he said that wasn't his opinion of him.

    During the encore, Loverman, Martin brought Viva and Eva up on the stage with him. Viva, the oldest, was next to the mic up front and really shy. Eva, the younger daughter was in the back by Andrew Phillipott. Peter Gordeno kept standing by Eva. Viva was next to Martin and looked nervous, as I would be too. Eva was a little ham in the back. She was getting into the song. Peter pulled Eva up to the side, and finally over by Martin. She really got into the song. They both are beautiful girls and have lovely voices! Martin got into the ending part with his guitar and kept doing chords. It was sooo cool. He was soooooooooo into that show!!!

    A Question of Lust starts. I freak out because that is my favorite song of ALL time. I am shaking and screaming very, very loudly. I was hysterical. I was singing along and pointing up to Martin hoping to get his attention. He looked at me right before my favorite part of the song. My friend saw it and we both hugged. I was even more hysterical than before, if you can imagine that. He saw me. The song ends and I was still flipped out. I was livid about our spots before the show, but I am soooooo glad that we were where we were because Martin looked at me. If I would have been in the middle with my other friends, he wouldn't have seen me due to the spot light.

    Martin launches into an acoustic version of Enjoy the Silence. The crowd goes NUTS!! It was sooooooooo amazing and perfect! Everyone was singing, dancing and having an amazing time. The atmosphere was electric!

    I had an even better time last night than I did on Tuesday night. Martin was more into the show. He was amazing. It was an incredible night!

    I do know that the Milan show was recorded for a dvd. It should be the full show.

    Martin was incredible. I am sooooooooooooooo glad that I was able to go to both of his shows. It was an experience that I will never forget.

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    Wow you looked into his eyes, damn that is awesome, it was great show, am glad to hear the second night was a bit betta! That sign was so funny and am so glad he showed back to the crowd, and the dance moves, what did he take some lessons from Dave? Am glad we all enjoyed last night, and more importantly that there are people like us on this planet!
    come with me into the trees, we\'ll lay on the grass, and let the hours pass, take me hand, come back to the land.....

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    February 3rd, 2002

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    I had a kickass time last night, too!!

    Well, it wasn't really THAT kickass. I mainly just sat in my Chicago area apartment and watched Southpark. Now that I think about it, it wasn't at all kickass.

    I hate you guys
    \"I saw weird stuff in that place last night. Weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff. And I want in.\"
    - Homer Simpson

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