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Thread: Empire State Human April 2003 news

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    Post Empire State Human April 2003 news

    ESH News

    APRIL 2003 Especially for German fans, both ESH & Wave In Head have completed a joint interview (in German only) with Martin Menze of
    ESH are to feature on the up coming Ninthwave Records compilation Electricity 2, with the Tycho Brahe produced ‘We Are Industry’ (Extended mix). Also featured on this collection is our remix of the Freezepop track ‘Tracey Gold’. Check out for full details.

    ‘URBANISM’ Update Report
    We thought this month we’d introduce an ‘update report’ on our next studio album, to help keep people informed on its progress. We felt that the easiest way to do this was to list the tracks themselves, under a ‘completed’ or ‘almost completed’ heading.

    1>We Are Industry (extended mix) 2>Dollar In Blue Collar (new album version) 3>Liquid Blue (new version) 4>Dreams In The Mirror (new version) 5>Digital City (new album version) 6>Slaves (new version) 7>Post Madonna (new album version) 8>Little Alfie (Alfie Go Lightly mix) 9>We Are Industry (edit).

    1>High (new version) 2>Spinster’s Kiss (new album version) 3>Reprise.

    Having worked with a number of different producers as well as producing material ourselves, we’d like to take the time now to thank the following for their already completed work: John Giacobello/Giallo/Count To Infinity, Tycho Brahe and Wave In Head.

    ‘Urbanism’ will be our third ‘commercial’ album and we see it as a very important release for us, as a third album has always been a defining moment in any bands musical development. We’re very excited about the album and hope it’s one that will open many new doors for us.

    For those who inquired about our set list at our Temple Bar Music Centre gig on Saturday, 22nd March. Here it is:
    ESH set-list

    1>Dreams In The Mirror***
    2>We Are Industry***
    3>Post Madonna*** (new version)
    4>Film Star (new version)
    5>Five Years****
    7>Digital City/Music***
    8>Strange Star**
    9>Liquid Blue***
    10>Swinging Pendulums* 11>Paradise**
    12>Little Alfie**

    * From ‘Pop Robot’ ** From ‘Alpha & Omega’ *** From ‘Urbanism’ ****From ‘Pop Robot’ (Limited edition)

    We really did enjoy the March 22nd gig, and with the added ‘Manga Animation’ visuals on two big screens behind and with the swirling and moody light show, it certainly was one of our best appearances so far. It was also our last gig with the original ESH line up (Aidan, Lar & Brian), as Brian is now concentrating 100% on his Directing career. The band line up for all future ESH shows/albums will now be Aidan, Lar & Seán. So we’d like to thank Brian for 4 great years of support, guidance and inspiration.

    The live set is still developing, and we hope to make some more slight changes to it for our next shows. We’d like to especially thank Val Wallace from the band Eight To Infinity for making the trip over to see us and also for recording it onto digital video. Keep an eye out for news on a possible ESH/Eight To Infinity collaboration in the coming months. We’d encourage everyone to check his band out. Here is a review of this gig, written by Val himself (thank you Val):

    Empire State Human
    Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin
    Saturday March 22nd

    ’’I had the opportunity to see Empire State Human ( play live at the Temple Bar Music Centre on Saturday March 22nd, where they opened for D Mode - ( a Depeche Mode tribute band. It was my first time to see ESH play live and despite not knowing a great deal about the band I was hugely impressed with them. For a city that offers a limited number of opportunities for an electro-pop band to perform live
    (mainly due to the small number of venues in Dublin that will support an electronic band) they were cool and confident on stage. Lead singer Aidan Casserly in a long white mad professors side-buttoned lab coat and Sci-Fi shades looked in total control of the audience – while synthmeisters Lar Kiernan and Brian O'Malley stood in the glow of two large video screens that churned out Japanese 'adult' manga. A darkened stage punctured by a hypnotic light show and coupled with the clearest, punchiest sound I've heard for a very long time at a gig completed the set-up.

    ESH played a 50 minute set that included tracks from some of their CD releases to date, including "Little Alfie" from their last album "Alpha and Omega" and "We Are Industry" - which will appear on "Electricity II" from Ninthwave records alongside tracks by Heaven 17 and White Town. Two songs were premiered on the night - the recently completed album version of 'Post Madonna', which drew a great response from the crowd, as did a new song called 'Liquid Blue' (which I'm told is likely to be released as a single). The big surprise for me was their astonishing version of the Bowie classic track "Five Years" (it's featured on Bowie's 'Ziggy Stardust' album) - Aidan's vocals really shone through on this track. The crowd reaction throughout the whole set was very enthusiastic and a quick chat from some fellow punters confirmed that they were duly impressed. It's a damn shame that more music venues in Dublin do not support the electronic scene - if the crowd response was anything to go by, then there is a definite desire to see more - and bands like ESH are more than able to fulfil this desire.
    Speaking with Aidan afterwards he indicated that this latest gig signals the start of a transition period for ESH. This was Brian's last outing with the band as he moves on to new ventures in film and video direction, while it marks the start of the final leg of completion of their new album, 'Urbanism', which sees Seán Barron instilled full time with the band.’’

    The full set list from the gig is above:

    Written by: Val Wallace

    It seems that the web site is receiving hits, from literally all over the world. From observation of the weekly stats, we’ve had hits from the following countries:
    US Commercial/Educational, US Military, United Kingdom, Portugal, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Israel, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, Japan, France, Indonesia, Australia, Belgium, Peru, Denmark, Canada, Poland, Netherlands, Taiwan, Austria, Ukraine, South Korea and the Seychelles.

    So thank you to all our visitors. We appreciate your continued support and welcome any suggestions or comments on how to improve this website at:

    (This is not meant as a review section, nor will every album be electro-based and from within the scene either, but merely albums we think great and that deserve more recognition for their accomplishments.)

    Artist: Antony and The Johnsons

    Album: ‘Antony and The Johnsons’

    Label: Rebris Music/Durtro (Distributed in the UK by World Serpent)

    Artist Website:

    Track Listing: 1>Twilight 2>Cripple and the Starfish 3>Hitler in my Heart 4>Atrocities 5>River of Sorrow 6>Rapture 7>Deeper than Love 8>Divine 9>Blue Angel

    This month we’re really thrilled to be able to recommend to you, artists of the standard of Antony and The Johnsons.

    From the beautiful, almost religious/spiritual, image of Antony on the front cover artwork (which in its own way, pays homage to the highly original, visual work of the French artists/designers Pierre et Giles), through to the powerful fragility of Antonys singing voice and songs. This album is a wonderful journey into the world of one of the more original and over looked contemporary artists around today.

    The first song that really ‘hits the nail’ firmly into the musical heart, is the aching ballad, ‘Cripple and the Starfish’, containing piano riffs reminiscent of Michael Nyman’s work (‘The Piano’ soundtrack) and melodic mood of Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’, you can’t help but be left either breathless or open mouthed with this tracks beauty. As Antony’s upper register vocal style, glides, turns, peaks and induces your heart to climax accordingly, helping to create an astonishingly refreshing and unique musical style. The voice, part Gregorian chant and part castrato; its beauty never fails to move its listener.

    ‘Atrocities’ is also another mind-blowing song, that’s worthy of high praise and in itself is really the stand out track on the album. Think of the poetry of the sadly missed and talented holocaust survivor Primo Levi, meeting the controlled beauty of Smokey Robinson; haunting lyrics, along a soulful vocal path. You won’t be left disappointed, we promise you. This track in particular, is our personal favourite Antony song (along with the thought provoking ‘I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy’, which isn’t on this album but was released as a single).

    Many highly respected and diverse artists, such as Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson and Marc Almond to name but a few, cite Antony and The Johnsons as delivering sublime songs, renewing their own faith in today’s music. This band is definitely without any equal. There’s substantial talent throughout the album, along with fantastically underplayed arrangements. ESH are happy to echo the high praise of our contemporaries, and to agree wholeheartedly with all the aforementioned opinions. It’s a 100% pure brilliance!

    Until next month please stay safe and out of trouble.

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    Ive just watched the video that Val took while he was over there : its damn impressive, in terms of Aiden's vocals, the material and generl atmosphere.

    Looks like I missed out there ! I would reccomend that anyone should check these guys out live if you get the chance... They are turning out to be a very important band indeed, and I for one hope not to miss the next ESH show.

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    hehe i liked the Q and A about Scooter!!
    damn what they love about him???//

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    Hi Arronc,

    Thanks for those kind comments on our most recent live appearance. Val did a great job on the recording, and it was on of those nights when everything went as planned. We hope to confirm our next gig shortly, although it will probably be at a smaller more intimate venue, and not the impressive Temple Bar Music Centre. We've begun work on remixing Eight To Infinity's 'Say You'll Come', we're taking it down the ''Euro-trash'' road, which shall be fun. It will more than likely take a couple of months to complete, to do it justice that is ;-)

    Regarding our Scooter comments SynthezObserver, we never actually said that we love him, all we said was that we respect his success (that's a big difference :-) )


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