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Thread: Who here does remix work?

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    Default Who here does remix work?

    Greetingz fellow electronic music headz!

    Who here currently does remix work for other artists? Let's start a thread to help promote ourselves...shall we? I thought it was cool back when Delobbo started posting links to his remix work...after all, that's how I got him involved in one of my projects. I love seeing stuff like this happen to artists that deserve to get the work....but may not be known by anyone....yet. Know what I mean?

    Anyway, tell us who you are...who you've remixed or if you've not remixed anyone yet, tell us who you'd like to remix. Then, let's see some links to your remix work...if you've got 'em. Cool?

    Allrighty then...GO!


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    Hmm. I do remix work. I've remixed... off the top of my head, so I'll forget people, guaranteed...

    - Massiv In Mensch
    - Aiboforcen
    - Magenta
    - L'ame Immortelle
    - Null Device
    - Stromkern
    - Regenerator
    - The Azoic
    - Freezepop
    - God's Bow
    - Z Prochek

    Aaaaand that's where I give up trying to remember them all. I've done lots. And I'm always down to do more, provided there's a lucrative remix-trade involved, or a fistful of dollahs, or at least a kiss from your girlfriend

    Only link to a remix I can provide is this:

    Golden Showers.
    - EPSILON MINUS - MARK II (am-1019cd)
    - on sale now at

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    I have done a few remixes:

    Red Flag
    Scribe Machine
    Echoing Green
    Virtual Server
    Moulin Noir
    New Concept
    Avant Garde
    Condition One
    Dark Distant Spaces
    Point of View
    No Decay
    La Cube
    Rubicon 7
    And a few more...

    Tom Kramer
    Shades of Grey

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    Well, I already done remixes to:

    - Great Guy (
    - Colcheias Confusas
    - Moskito
    - Information Society (
    - The Nine (
    - Plebe Rude
    - Virtual Server (
    - Monolithic (
    - Finis Africę (Working now...)

    and some others for my private ears...

    I'll be very proud to do more remixes out there...


    PS: the InSoc's mp3 it's a cover, I don't have any remix online.

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    Wow Mesh,

    That's quite a list. I'm reluctant to post mine after yours and Epsilon Minus...since I've not done NEARLY that many. Perhaps some of it has to do with the fact that not many people know I do remixes in the first place.

    Here'z my tiny list:

    -The Nine
    -Brave New World
    -The Echoing Green

    and this one which is quite recent:

    There are a couple of others but they're like this one...originally made for TV and thrown at me to revise into club friendly 00NZ, 00NZ versions. Weeee! I want more...luv remixing!


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    I'm a remixer. I've only had two remixes thus far, for Monolithic and Leiahdorus (on the last Echoing Green single).

    I'm currently setting up at least four more remixes (waiting on materials from three bands, discussing with two or three more). I don't want to jinx myself by listing their names here, but they're all on the same level as Monolithic and the Leah-D. Independent synth bands. One, however, is doing surprisingly well on college radio, and I'm hoping the remix will get me more exposure.

    I'm definitely seeking more gigs, if anyone needs a remixer.


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    I'm what you'd call a reluctant remixer. I never go looking for remixes, yet somehow I've done 3. I did enjoy doing them, but the stress of wondering what the band will think of it is always too much for me!

    They are (I don't have links to any of them):

    Brave New World "Regret"
    Color Theory "Now I Know"
    Red Flag "Nevermind HTTP"

    DJ Introvert's doing a remix for my/Cosmicity's next single. He rules. You can use my name, Mark. No secret there man! :-) It looks like Delobbo will be doing one, too. You're right Mr. Midihead sir... he's quite good.

    -mark 'the shark' nicholas
    mark nicholas
    I felt like a bit of a poser using the name Cosmicity. So, now I\'m just using my name. -Me

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    Ok, my turn. Here's who I have done:

    Red Flag (
    Equatronic (
    Plastic Orgasm People (
    Nurvis (
    Seven Words (off the latest CD Fall from Grace)
    Gary Flanagan (
    Purveyor (
    Freezepop (no link available)
    Spray (to be released real soon)
    Blind Before Dawn (again, to be released real soon)

    Currently working on remix projects for Empire State Human, and Kiss the Star

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    My remixing credo is a lot smaller. Aside form the standard number of bootleg/DJ mix dealies, I've done:

    Stromkern : Perfect Sunrise (although they acidentally mislabelled the mix on the CD - mine's the one with the vocoders) and Im Traum

    Null Device: well, hey, I mean, c'mon...I get to remix my own stuff

    Epsilon Minus: 80's Boy (two mixes thereof)

    Distorted Reality: Supercrush

    Polymorphous Pervers: Love Stain (don't ask...they're friends of mine)

    And I've got one in the pipe for Stochastic Theory if I ever get around to it. I also once did a cheesecore techno remix of a cartoon theme and a house reworking of a Red Elvises song under different names.

    I work cheap, too.
    Eric Oehler

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    i think i have remixed:

    myself (system22)
    echoing green (several)
    faith assembly
    day behavior
    new clear sky
    deepsky (x2)
    engineering on a fischer spooner remix
    iris (x1 but more on the way i think)
    leahdoris (sp? i have no idea)
    bill hamel
    dream traveler

    i think some others cuz it seems its all i do lately
    i will be working on hopefully getting remixes for bt and a couple artists on the funked up/nokturnel roster.

    cody - system22

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    Yea...Delobbo is a good guy. Great to work with. He kicked me out a remix in less than...wasn't it a week? Where are u Delobbo? Give me a mind refresh here. It was like an emergency situation and I said, "Hey man, I don't know if you can pull it off but my release date has changed and I need this thing right now!" You da man!

    Anyway, I remixed this Queen track for fun...did it for my wife's dance class. You'll get a kick out of it. I had to cut a verse for time restrictions...just to forewarn you:



    BTW Cody...when are u going to let me return the remix favor?

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    Oh, I did a couple of homebrewed remix of Erasure songs, dunno if they count or not.

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    I'm a VERY reluctant remixer. I've only remixed a track for Cosmicity, and that was an UNmix - an acoustic version of an electronic track. But I have remixed a couple of my own tracks: "Outside Girl" and "Never Realized" come to mind. Selfish? ... maybe! Well, then again I've done a few covers, so it's not ALL about me!

    11th Records Mastering

    Color Theory

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    songs I've remixed:

    Monolithic - Arms
    The Mercy Cage - M
    The Armageddon Project - Venomous
    Abney Park - Hush
    The Sleeping Prophet - Secret War

    songs I've remixed by way of acidplanet contests:

    Baldwin Brothers - Dream Girl
    (I won this one) - here's the link:

    New Order - Crystal
    (one of the winners here too) - link:

    Madonna - Ray of Light
    Garbage - Androgyny
    Lenny Kravitz - Believe in Me
    Madonna - Music
    Madonna - Deeper and Deeper

    also did a mix for Delerium's "After All" remix contest but didn't have the time to enter it. I'll probably put it up for download when I finish up my website.

    I'm always available for remix work and open to a range of styles from Industrial to Synthpop.

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    Nice job on those to be expected, my friend.

    I think you should put out a CD of chill/house/synthpop. Gotta cool vibe going on with the Baldwin Brothers track. It's no wonder you won.



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    hey, long time no see. how've you been?
    yeah, I've got a CD coming soon. probably gonna ditch the "changeling" name though and go with something else.

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    I cant wait to hear Delobbo's mix for us. Thats gona be some quality schtuff.


    we finished our remix of Dubok's Dense for their new single.... turned out dope as all get out. That new single is gonna be so damn good.

    did one for UV's remix cd.

    owe one to God Module for their next disc...

    did a fan remix for Das Ich. available at

    did one for Interface's wasted time. TUrned out pretty well... might end up on their new single for Tinman.

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    I have recently started working on remixing other bands such as GLIS. I didn't want to start on remixes until I was done with my band's LP and Live set. Since I'm almost done i'm starting to take on the remixes. So please feel free to contact me.

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    hi there!
    If somebody interested I did remixes for:
    -Red Flag
    -Beborn Beton
    -Clan Of Xymox
    -No Comment
    -Sara Noxx
    -Celebrate the None
    -Shades of Grey
    -Echoing Green
    -Epsilon Minus
    -Wave In Head
    -Colony 5
    -Assemblage 23
    -Seven Words
    -Carpe Diem
    -Jenifer McLaren (Delerium Singer)
    -Virtual Server
    -The Nine
    -Dark Distant Spaces
    -Moulin Noir
    -Gebrauche Music
    ...and lot of Russian artists.
    if somebody interested - welcome to my site, you can see list and hear remixes.
    And of course contact me.
    See you.
    Always welcome

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    Woowoo, DJ Ram is here!

    -Mark digs Virtual Server

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