Hi there! I'm E.A.L Axner, an electronic /industrial composer/producer from Sweden. Founder & CEO of Interlock Records.
I consider myself to be a very prolific artist, having made almost 20 albums in about a year, everything from EDM to Space Music, and everything inbetween
I have also made three other electronic music projects so far, "Tidsmaskinisten", "C.Y.P.E.R Xtr0n" and "E.A.L Axner's XiLL3rz".
I have put up alot of my music on Soundcloud and YouTube (and there's more to come), but my newest album," C.Y.P.E.R", is the first to be released "officialy", and is avablible to listen to and purchase from Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Rhapsody and many other stores online, aswell as a real CD from Amazon On Demand.
Hope you guys will check it out and give it a listen I will share some links below:
C.Y.P.E.R album on Spotify & Google Play:
https://play.google.com/store/music/album/E_A_L_Axner_C_Y_P_E_R?id=Bps2moqahdznp3fhifdxh5mgr pi
Artist Facebook:
Interlock Records Facebook: