Back to AR is Chris Liven who made a superb impression with last ep he did for us. Now more refined,
subtle and evolved his opening track is a hybrid of dub approach and classic 4x4 rhythms, with razor
sharp noises that move the whole tune, rounded by a big bouncy kickdrum. Disconnection is far more
conventional, but very futuristic, in a sense, bringing more directly message to the dancefloor, with lots
of tricky breaks and big clap actions. As remixers, we have well known and respected Spanish producer
Victor Martinez giving depth change and more darkness in his classic style while Non-Linear brings bang
to the whole release, with harsh rolling sound and big buildup for the floors.

01. Disturbance
02. Disturbance (Victor Martinez Remix)
03. Disconnection
04. Disconnection (Non-Linear Remix)

Some feedbacks include:

James Ruskin 'Disturbance original for me....Thanks!!!!!'
Chris Liebing "Disturbance for me, thx!"
Samuli Kemppi "Liking the Non-Linear remix here. Thanks!"
Go Hiyama 'Disturbance is good. I add to playlist. Thanks!"
Kwartz 'Victor Martinez Remix for me, thanks!"
Ness "nice one... will try them all"
Bas Mooy "Thanks! Best Mix Non-Linear Remix"
Coefficient "Victor Martinez & Disconnection original. Good work"
Alexandar Ivkovic "Non-Linear remix for me..."
Speed Progress "Good release !"
DVNT "Disconnection has a great feel to it."
DJ Ogi "Non Linear rmx sounds cool!"
Matt The Zone "Support!"
Victor Martinez "Thanks , Non-Linear remix for me."
Gabeen "Nice relase, will test! thx"
Jose Pouj "Great release, Disturbance & Victor Martinez remix."
Mudrost "Playing Martinez remix & Disconnection original."
Kristina Lalic 'Great release! Disconnection for me, thanx!'
Adam Kelly "Disconnection for me!"
Chemie "Good !!"
Bojan Vukmirovic "Nice rls, disconnection original mix for me"
Vegim "Non-Linear Remix is beast. Will play this loud."
Dialect "Liking this , heavy and dark, Martinez remix for me!"
Tyler Smith "Full support. Thanks for the promo !"
Michael Schwarz "Thanks... Will test it..."

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Thanks for your support..