Open Source delivers from his homeland Athens an extraordinary progressive psy trance remix compilation featuring 9 previously released tracks. All remixes are deeply emotional, groovy and totally different while retaining a progressive rhythm. Open Source reflects a diverse range of musical inclinations from psy tech to electro house. The result is a solid combination of massive driving progressive trance excitements, all different and infectious, guaranteeing a magical journey to everyone attempting to listen to this roaring release.

1. Ultra Deep Field (love rmx) 09:14 (bpm 134)
2. Never Forever (progressive rmx) 09:03 (bpm 133)
3. Alto Sax (rmx) 07:16 (bpm 134)
4. Mosquito Byte (rmx) 07:44 (bpm 135)
5. Hot Looking babes (radio edit) 06:43 (bpm 136)
6. F.I.T.H.O.B. (rmx) 06:38 (bpm 136)
7. Magic Garden (radio edit) 09:55 (bpm 138)
8. Planet Blue (orbital rmx) 08:45 (bpm 137)
9. Psychedelic Realm (progressive rmx) 09:18 (bpm 137)

Total Lenght 74:36

All tracks written & produced by Open Source, Aggelos Mavros from Athens.
Copyright 2013 Ghost Label records. All rights reserved.

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