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again we continue to build the list of confirmed artists for our anniversary festival on 26. & 27.07.2014 in Cologne. This time we take a foray into the world of synth-pop, accompanied by sophisticated electronics, a multi-layered 80s electro-wave-cocktail and black humor. Curious?! Here let´s go!



Early 2013 the British synth-pop specialists MESH raised the bar again with their latest album „Automation Baby“. Barely any other recent genre-release managed to offer such a massive dose of dance-oriented synth-sounds and great melodies, so unpretentious and yet sharply focused to the very point. Also on stage Mark Hockings and Richard Silverthorn are currently appearing in splendid form. Even more we feel delighted, that the gentlemen from Bristol are heading towards the Amphi Festival again, inviting you for a dance.

Actually, in hindsight the 1985 formed supergroup „Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs“ might seem a little short-lived. Yet this little liaison of the leading Belgian electro-heads laid the cornerstone for a proud flagship of the scene: THE KLINIK. Rough, distinct sounds, Dirke Ivens‘ distorted-minimalistic vocals and biting cold atmosphere equally became trademarks of THE KLINIK, like their faces being hidden behind gauze bandages. While Mastermind Marc Verhaeghen recently focused on advancing the band´s studio work, Dirk Ivens and Peter Mastbooms are looking forward to submit you to an extensive live electro-therapy at the Amphi Festival 2014!

When EBM and New Wave invaded the music scene in the early 80s, Dirk Da Davo and TB Frank, alias THE NEON JUDGEMENT, embraced the overwhelming pioneering force of that time. In 1981 they formed their two-piece and began to combine the essence of the ascending Belgian EBM-scene with British New Wave attitude. The result became a unique blend which turned into a major influence for the scene throughout the following years. Today their songs, such as „TV Treated“, „Awful Day“ or „Fashion Party“, are regarded as original classics of the old school – praised manifests of the 80s’ more sinister side.

Since 1994 KLANGSTABIL are unwaveringly paving their way with ambitious and passionately experimental electronic music. In fact, Maurizio Blanco and Boris May always avoided attaching to modern trends successfully. Instead they created a self-designed sound universe, that excels with continuous unconventional innovations. Digital precision of bits and bytes, counterpointed by warming poetry of flesh and blood - a work of art that´s worth being explored.

And now for something completely different: death! People say: “Only the best die young”. Well, doesn´t this make you feel left out in the cold – still being alive? Actually it was about time to call for the boss showing up himself, to introduce his image campaign. Dying has such an overly negative renown, when it´s actually quite fun, having death (DER TOD) standing at your threshold. After the motto: “retirees would buy a ticket”, we are looking forward to the black humored death comedy show of this not-so-grim reaper. Or how he would express it: “don´t worry, die happy!” (Performance only in German!)


In celebration of the 10th anniversary, we allowed our Amphi Festival website a little facelift. As always information about the festival can still be found at


In pleasant anticipation of the next Amphi Festival we cooperated with „Gothic“-magazine and „Etage Music“ for the new videotrailer that brings back great memories of this year´s festival. You can watch the clip here:

Along with the moving pictures we put up a little raffle again. If you spot yourself in any part of the trailer, feel free to send us an e-mail to until 11.11.2013. Please attach a photo of yourself and give us the timecode of the scene in which you appear in the clip.

Among all participants that are indeed clearly visible in the trailer we raffle 5x1 weekend ticket for the Amphi Festival 2014. Enjoy watching the clip!


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