Winner of “Best Eclectic” at the 2013 Independent Music Awards, Ethan Matthew’s Pacific NW-based Echo Us holds aim with live acoustic set and new video single.

Echo Us’ upcoming album, 2:12, À Priori Memorial is on its way in 2014, and the video for the first single Nightlight is now available for viewing on youtube and soon other streaming websites. Nightlight is a very special song within the Echo Us catalog with vocalists Ethan and Henta morphing their interlocking vocals amidst a background of classical harp, strings and oboe. The Nightlight video also features the photo animation work of Ethan, who’s animated Echo Us short “The Mirror In The Window” was released to great success in 2011.

The new album also features Raelyn Olson (harp), Chris Smith (Flute), Christina Fitzgerald (Oboe), and as mentioned, the vocals of GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter Henta.

The album sounds like it was recorded live in the studio or in many cases - a concert hall, [Ethan says]. It has this very unbridled energy, and even taking sections where it was just me and a record button, it has that spark like a large ensemble...this kind of surprised me, and has been a big inspiration for getting back to gigging”

In so following, Ethan and Raelyn are playing live acoustic sets of Echo Us material in the Pacific Northwest this Fall and beyond, including an in-store appearance at Music Millennium on November 9th (5pm). Echo Us is formulating their plans for the release of 2:12, À Priori Memoriaé- complete list of live performances follow on