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Prometheus Burning sign with WTII Records, LLC

CHICAGO, IL (AUGUST 7, 2012) — Pittsburgh’s dark electro duo, Prometheus Burning has signed a new deal with Chicago based WTII Records, LLC. Formed in 2001, Prometheus Burning has been operating from the fringe and defying definition. They forge an aggressive and eccentric sound that often blurs the line between electronic genres, from intense industrial beats to complex chaotic noise.

With visual artist Nikki Telladictorian on the front lines delivering lyrical lashings and sexy synth lines, producer Greg VanEck mans the electro battlestation of drum machines, modular synthesizers, and circuit bent devices.

2012 will mark the release of their 7th studio album "KILL IT WITH FIRE", coming in November on WTII Records, featuring 12 new cuts and remixes from Portion Control and I, Parasite. Aimed at annihilating the dance floor, KILL IT WITH FIRE promises to be their most hard hitting production yet.

We are excited to have Greg and Nikki join the WTII family. We have been long time fans and admirers of their work and we look forward to working with Prometheus Burning to bring them the attention they deserve.

Prometheus Burning Discography:
-Displacement Disorder (2010)
-Plague called huMANity (2009)
-nBoyde raRepi (Remix Album) (2007)
-Beyond Repair (2006)
-Influenza (2005)
-Cathode (2003)
-Lamer Demo (2002)