Hi hi!

First of all, CHECK OUT the Museum of Interesting Things website there is a great penny arcade Mutoscope on there! I am trying to show people that their Ipods did not pop out of thin air! remember the Sony Walkman! heehee We are also starting to book for the summer season & even for the fall. Also keep July 8 4pm open, we are at Coney Island for the History of Toys show! From old metal wind-ups to cool board games.

also check out this interview of my about the museum

If you love the new music scene of the 80's and 90's you will enjoy my interview with engineer/producer and musician John Fryer, who worked on such bands as Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, NIN, This Mortal Coil, Fad Gadget, Jesus Jones and many many more! He has a new band of his own called Dark Drive Clinic with vocalist Rebecca Coseboom of Halou & Stripmall Architecture.

I will play some classic tracks of bands John worked on and some tracks from DDC the LP "Noise In Your Head" the new release.

It airs on Flashback Alternatives this
Thursday June 28 at 9pm eastern US time and then again at Midnight.
It will also air this Sunday July 1 at 9am eastern US time.

You can tune in right off the website http://www.flashbackalternatives.com/
or open your itunes player radio tab and 1.FM Flashback Alternatives is under the alternative tab. They get several 100 listeners a day and it is an all request station.

I also invite you to tag on the radio stations tag board. You will see it on the home page. it is easy to do. if you click " pop up the tag" it will give you a nice window to type into.

You can also hear it on WFKU a great NYC station on the web and Itunes Sunday July 1 at 8pm.

It will later be on Mixcloud under DennyDaniel