Zillo Magazine (Germany): Echo Us brings warm colors- but not without the rough edges. Bright and isolated riffs meet lightning beats and collide with meditative, symphonic landscapes: creating exciting contrasts~

Seaoftranquility.org (USA): The most unique album I have heard all year!

| Echo Us Releases Album Notebook, Documentary Video and Animated Short|

Website: www.echous.net Contact: info_at_echous.net

With the March 20th release of Tomorrow Will Tell The Story, Echo Us now offers exclusively through www.echous.net, a lyric notebook and photobook to accompany the CD. The notebook, similar in design to one created for 2009’s The Tide Decides is available as a stand-alone application with all orders placed directly through the group's website.

Now also available is the entire video interview series with Ethan Matthews, creator of Echo Us. The series goes into depth about the making of Echo Us’ latest album, as well as Ethan’s overall musical history starting in the 1990’s with the cross over ambient / progressive metal act Greyhaven. Fans will get to hear first hand Ethan’s approach to music composition, which he calls ‘musical channeling’ due to it’s kinship with spiritualistic phenomena such as automatic writing, channeling and clairvoyance.

In addition, a new video-mix of The Mirror In The Window, the musical and thematic apex to Tomorrow Will Tell The Story is now available. The photo-based video animation was first created by Ethan Matthews and digital artist Andrea Attili in November 2010, but this 2012 remux features the audio mix and master from the CD edition of the album. The messages, ambience and atmospheres of The Mirror In The Window brings to life what the name Echo Us actually means: a call for ‘unity’ and communication with other realities.