Blackened industrial digital hardcore metal act SCHIZOID and label D-TRASH Records has just released an 18-song remix album based upon the song "The Next Extreme", the title track of the upcoming SCHIZOID full length. The song, released online 2011 with an amazing video by PETE O'HEARN (, now gets remixed by the hardcore underground, with a 2012 release of the full album looming. SCHIZOID has spent y-e-a-r-s coming up with his follow up to "All Things Are Connected" released back in the 2000's and has since spent the time in true black metal band DEAD OF WINTER (Profound Lore Records) as well as active SysOp duties of digital hardcore/breakcore label D-TRASH Records. 2012 things change...

On this remix disc, no style is left unchecked here whether its crusty grindgabber, club-a-dubstep, or industrial dance metal. Remixing duties on this, D-TRASH Record's 160th release, are handled by producers from the extreme electronica underground, this disc featuring MONAD, PILLHEAD, DENYSS MCKNIGHT, SYNTHETIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS, NOT HALF, TECHNICYST FIX, MYSTERYMACHINE, TALIXZEN, DISBREAKZ, SADISTICAN, MIDI FISTER, NEEDLE FACTORY, GRIMPUNXXX909, STARPILOT, SCHMOOG LEBOWSKI, LAS VEGAS 909, M-87, MASS HYPNOTIZED.

You can download the full remix album with full CD insert artwork here:

As well if you'd like to support SCHIZOID and underground digital hardcore, you can get the album for 6.66$ at where if you buy the disc, you will get full WAVs as well as a bonus download of "The Next Extreme (7" Mix)", which recently appeared on COLD SUN Productions as a split with Satanic industrial act HUMAN HERD. You can get this 7" (limited to 300 copies worldwide!) at