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So what is "The End of Everything"?

Released on 11/11/11, The End of Everything is Drowning Susan’s 4th full length cd and their second of 2011.

We like to self-describe it as the following:

“A strange and opinionated little album. Somewhat preachy and straight forward lyrics address the decline of the modern world while placing the blame squarely on user neglect. A 50 minute indictment of all things human where dark synths, sweeping effects and melodic arpeggios move and flow beneath whispered, spoken and mutilated vocals set to variant rhythms. Sample laden and hopelessly unenthusiastic about the future, it’s an audio collage of reasons why people are the worst thing going. Snarky and trite dance music of obvious gothic/industrial influence woven into abstract electro pop with hints of trance, dubstep, techno, ambient and noise.”
In 2012, the band will also release an album of dance remixes.

Alan Cross, one of Canada’s pre-eminent radio personalities and all around music guru gave the band and the new album a thumbs up recently with a quick tweet on 11/11/11, release day:

“Extremely cool darkwave with a touch of electro-goth…Spend some time with this album.”

We agree! Please give us a listen or play and consider the new album (or even Repair as well)!
We would be honored to be hear feedback and be deemed worthy of your words.

Thanks for your consideration!!

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