Analogmonks, a Russian duo, created in 2008, are adepts of classic electronica music genre, which can be described as a postmodern salute to dance music groups of the nineties – pioneers of big beat, techno, rave and breakbeat.
The musicians, Serge „bigtune‟ Lebedev and Constantine „kost_n_kost‟ Poznekov, met in 2006 at the record studio during the work on a single of Moscow hardcore band ##### (5diez).
At that time Constantine was responsible for the electronic sound in ##### and have been simultaneously working for the advancement of his solo project – kost_n_kost. after he left the band, he gave himself up entirely to the electronic music, worked on creation of his own compositions and mixes, exploring new instruments, inventing unique musical moves, acting as a DJ in Moscow clubs.
Bigtune, a son of a famous in jazz circles trombonist Vladimir Lebedev, occupied himself with music at the home studio, and very much enjoyed it, perfecting his skills of keyboard player and electronic musician. However, Serge had never released his compositions to a wide audience.
A chance meeting of the musicians resulted in a new electronic project, where the courageous ideas, their qualified and skillfully realization, give life to the vigorous, sensual and energetic music. using analog and digital synthesizers, as well as “live” instruments, analogmonks duo create an impetuous sound, where interesting melodious lines weave with the non-standard arrangements.


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