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The worldwide premiere of Hipnautica’s brand new HD music video, Cyanide, will be unveiled In Austin, Texas at Prague Night Club on Thursday, March 10, 2011. Doors open at 9:00 pm; the video will be presented at 10:30 pm followed by a live performance by Hipnautica. All are invited to experience the gripping high definition hallucinogenic nightmare of a dream. The Cyanide music video was shot on location of the Scare for a Cure laboratory on the property of Richard Garriott in west Austin in November of 2010. This mind-numbing three minutes and 33 seconds, captured on film under artistic direction of Kelly "sky" Reed and film direction of Glen Kaplan with support from the Austin Film Club, features Sky who travels through an experience of loss of control due to scientists in rage that transform him through a cyanide induced experiment. The incident begins with a group of nomadic comrades being captured by dominant overseers and jumps to Sky’s involuntary restraint, administered an intravenous experimental drug laced with cyanide. As he laments the cyanide pumping through his circulatory system, Sky visualizes his native brain being conquered by spine-chilling visions of demented nurses (played by the Dolls from the Crypt) overcoming his pyche. As the experience progresses and Sky regains consciousness, he ultimately realizes that he’s altered and will never be quite the same.
Austin based, Hipnautica, in it’s current form, was born on Oct 13, 2006 led by Sky, a 20 year Austin Music veteran and one of Austin’s first solo electronic musicians. Hipnautica is an organic collective of Austin-based performers who challenge the senses with the reverent world-inspired sounds of electronic machines, live drums, viola, guitar, bass and operatic vocals. But the experience is not limited to audio pleasure alone; performances are made complete with visually stimulating projections, rhythmic dancers, and often times Butoh-style performances and aerial silk artists.
This release has been made possible under the artistic direction of Kelly "Sky" Reed with the support of director Glen Kaplan, filming by the Austin Film Club with Chuck Beard, lighting by Waveform Lasers, projections by and Greek_Fire, performances by Dolls from the Crypt and still photos created by David De Lara and Mark Duncan Photography. The following individuals are deserving of special thanks: Susan Pratt and Jarrett Crippen, Steve Potter, Blaine Indemaio, John & Jennifer Dormer and the many Hipnautica members, volunteers and performers who have supported this vision along the way.

Additional releases of Cyanide, paired with live performances will be presented in Dallas on March 12, 2011 at Panoptikon and in San Antonio on April 15, 2011 at Click’s at Evers. ME TV just confirmed interest in airing the CYANIDE video in rotation during SXSW and hopefully beyond. Additional information may be obtained by contacting Sky at or at 512.627.7902.

Kelly "sky" Reed

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