Evolve “Circumstance Reality Defacement” CDR
The fourth Evolve album, originally released by Tanzprocesz label in France, packaged as colorful collage artwork clippings inside a record sleeve in 2008. This re-release attempts to give more exposure to the album in parts of the world it may have not reached previously. Most of its contents recorded 2007 and 2008, with interjecting bits from years prior. Significant contributions of lyrics, dialogue, and collage by Freak-One (of Cem Com) and Jim Swill (of Realicide). This is warm flutes and chimes, meditative textural looping, urban and confrontational, drum machine and synth, hardware-based, magick-inspired raps unified with psychedelic electronica and tape cut-ups. Evolve sounds like the Skinny Puppy of conscious hiphop, if that makes any sense, there is no other group quite like this. Screenprinted disc, comes with vinyl sticker. Edition: 100, February 2011

DJ Immolation "Morgue of Human Sanity" CDR
Sophomore release of increasingly punishing and relentless gabber speedcore with elements of terror and breakcore, from the outskirts of Cincinnati by DJ Immolation. 16 trax ensuring no survivors, if not in the physical sense then at least in terms of total psychological disfigurement beyond any shred of hope for reconstruction. So if you need electronic music to be raw, fast, and brutally inane, this is what's up. Cover art by LAIR, screenprinted disc, comes with a vinyl sticker. Edition: 100, February 2011

Freak One "The Recap" CDR / zine
Frequent member of the Evolve project and 1/2 of Chemical Committee, this is the first solo hip hop release by Freak One from Cincinnati Ohio. Known for his raps advocating socio-political pacifism and resistance to American super-corporations, the album has an ultimately compassionate and egalitarian theme. As with Cem Com, there is a strong motif of pharmaceutical experimentation, and an honest critique of its abuse both intimately and within our society as a whole. Other topics include tagging, dumpster-diving, and observation of local police violence. Beats were produced by various Cincinnati friends then mixed by Evolve, riddling the tracks with sound collages mapped out by Freak. The screenprinted CD is supplemented by full color artwork, a xerox zine filled with extensive lyrics and essays and graff, and a vinyl sticker. For the truly adventuresome in obscure avenues of hip hop, this is definitely something to try out. Edition: 100, February 2011

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Free download of Realicide "Resisting The Viral Self" LP/CD/zine (2007-2009)

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