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Robert Inhuman "Be The Counter Example" CDR
1. I Don't Miss My Job (demo)
2. Keep Trying Through The Pain (demo)
3. Gun To My Head (demo)
4. Incide (demo)
Small release of two songs and a verbal intro, unmastered work-in-progress, editioned to be given out for free to Cincinnati supporters at Goetz Alley, January 2011, in compensation for a speedcore show that was cut off after 30 seconds of the Inhuman set when a kid was KO'ed by accident. Track 2 is made from hard breaks and gabber kicks over rearranged Conflict and Crass songs. Track 4 is a gabber-punk-enhanced Rudimentary Peni song. These will reappear in further forms with lyrics in the future. Screenprinted disc, 50 copies, January 2011.
Anyone else may get a copy for free whenever buying other items from RYR label/distro "while supplies last".
$3 from RYR webstore

Robert Inhuman “Decimated” CDR $5
14 tracks of reading, pieces from throughout the previous ten years, recorded November 2010, a reclusive month in Cincinnati during the canceled weeks of the Realicide tour of Europe. This writing is generally somewhat morbid, reflecting a period of intense grief and personal struggle. Certain pieces have appeared lyrically within releases of past years; amidst Realicide and other projects. Others are those that have fallen through the cracks, or that have not yet found their final destination. Artwork features various gigantic spiders of Australia, screenprinted disc, very small edition: 30 copies, December 2010.
$5 from RYR webstore

Hentai Lacerator "Do me before the Hentai Lacerator CD is over" CDR $5
Appalling and despicable release in 2010 by normally breakcore-related label BRK in Lyon, France. This is the final release of the bizarre grindcore / sped-up noiserock trio of Robert Inhuman and the guys from Capital Hemorrhage and Ultra//Vires. Hentai Lacerator was only active 2005-2007, based in Dayton and briefly toured the midwest and southern regions of the US. This BRK release is a collection of 69 trax of HL at its worst - scathing noisecore, earliest demo and rehearsal recordings, all overtly themed around Slimer and comparable creatures engaging in nympho-maniacal frenzies of orgasmic dementia with human (?) females. BRK has gone all-out in the DIY fashion with a screenprinted disc, several screenprinted vinyl stickers, and a lime green A3 foldout featuring many R.Inhuman drawings dating back to early childhood. Tracklist contains previously unavailable material as well as all releases besides "Covered In Fun" and "Sugarsplash", which were the two primary HL albums...
- "Made From The Dreams of Babies" part I and II (Realicide Youth Records, 2006)
- both cassingles accessorizing "Covered In Fun" album (RYR, 2007)
- 7" (Isle of Man, 2007)
- final live gig 3" (Jeshimoth, 2008)
$5 from RYR webstore

Nomadic War Machine "I have a gun. Give me all the money in the register." cassette
From the RxYxR distro: Absolutely fantastic anarchist goth industrial / breakcore from the east bay and various other transient locations. One of the best finds of 2010 by far. Highly recommended!!
$5 from RYR webstore

Sacrifice Zine #1 $3
(re-printing of original 2007 zine)
Zine curated by Robert Inhuman, first issue compiled January through September 2007. Features interviews with Justice Yeldham, Halflings, Vankmen, Gordan Ashworth, Z’EV, Lydia Lunch (interviewed by Bryan Saunders), OvO, Bunny Poe, Jason Zeh. Essays by Split Horizon, David Lim, Noam Erica, Andrew Barranca. Artwork by Ryan Faris, Pamela Mogollon, Mister Ben S, Nicole Bailey, Adrian DeQuiros, Dominick Fernow, Jessica Rylan, Robert Inhuman.
$3 from RYR webstore

Serendip #1 Compilation CD $9 – featuring Realicide “The Choice Is Yours”, this CD was released for the Serendip label’s launch in Paris France, October 2010. Other artists include Patric Catani, Costes, Company Fuck… 21 artists total, fantastic multi-color screened cover art

Realicide Youth Records Patches $2 each...

Also still available from RYR label & distro...
Realicide "Lifelong Exit" 7”
Jim Swill “Caustic Nostalgia” chapbook
BIRTH! "I Will" CD
Hentai Lacerator “Chelsea Charms R.I.P.” 7”
Xtra Vomit / Positive Noise 7” (sXe grind / hXc)
Cloud Rat 12” LP (killer Michigan grindcore)
.e CDR (Saint Louis future pop)
Hegemonicide cassette (vicious eco-grind)

Coming next from Realicide Youth Records...
DJ Immolation "Morgue of Human Sanity" CDR (Cincinnati gabber speedcore)
Freak One "The Recap" CDR (socio-political / pharmaceutical hip hop)
EVOLVE “Circumstantial Reality Defacement” (re-issue 2008 album)


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Gotta give some serious shout-outs to fave speedcore action. You can download the lost VANKMEN album "Carpathian Death Rights" from their site Still the best speedcore noize from most of America, straight up.

Also highly recommened is the new album by JUNKIE KUT of Splatterkore crew in the UK - instensive speedcore punk blasts by a fucking cyborg THAT'S what's good

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