When in the presence of Your Subconscious, you will certainly recognize and savor his devout passion and skill for his music. He breathes it. The music lives inside him. His art of mix and tricks and turntablism will infect you with awe.

In the mid 1990’s, Your Subconscious ventured into warehouse parties (also known as illegal raves) in downtown Los Angeles. Immediately, he was enamored with the beautiful energy of progressive trance, minimal house and progressive house music. The sound resonated in his soul and beckoned him to his calling. At every party you would find him near the DJ, absorbing the craft. Inspirations include but are not limited to: Sasha and John Digweed, Kimbal Collins, DJ Micro, Bt, Sandra Collins, Christopher Lawrence, Carl Cox, Ferry Corsten, James Zabiela, Hernan Cattaneo and Rabbit in the Moon.

In 1998, Your Subconscious had his own set of decks and by the early millennium he was already djing at warehouse and desert parties primarily in Southern California. Your Subconscious would frequent venues such as La Casa, Fox Theatre, Orion and Masterdome. Recently, he made the transition from traditional vinyl, mixer and turntables to digital software production. He is pushing the boundaries to create his own sound with all the new technology available to him. Now using programs such as Ableton Live, Sound Toys and Adobe Audition, Subconscious has pioneered a fresh progressive sound that encompasses tribal, dark progressive house and progressive trance. Together these genres manifest a signature sound in every track. Subconscious works closely with his vocalist, WatsonVision, to layer an even more unique flavor to his sound. Each track you hear in his sets are personally altered in music programs before being brought to the show. Today, Your Subconscious is back on the scene with Cadre Music Group to bring a new essence of electronic music to the industry. After one of his passionate sets, you will be marked by impeccable mixing techniques, an unmatched enthusiasm and an inventive spiritual story.