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Scarred Karma Studios
Photography & Art Scarred Karma Studios was officially created by model Lisa Hellen Bates in 2006, but she has been shooting most of her life. She is self-taught, and uses her experience from the modeling, music, dance, and horror film fields to create powerful images which stick in one's mind. Originally, this started as an experimental project - a model who was tired of seeing the same work offered everywhere, and wanted to create true ART, whether it included people, animals, nature, or whatever caught the eye. Now, this has become, what many call, a macabre and alluring collection. Scarred Karma Studios is a work in progress- Not just shots of people, nor landscapes, but an equal mix of anything and everything that comes to mind, with no limitations or rules. S.K.S. is now located in Northeast Pennsylvania, about 45 minutes North of Scranton, PA. I no longer travel to NYC for shoots, but will go to NW-NJ, or Sullivan County, NY. I prefer to shoot at my own locations throughout Wayne County, PA. however and will consider TFP for certain models if they are available weekdays. If you are interested in working with us for model portfolio shots, actor head-shots, portraits, band shots, film stills, weddings, or anything else, write and we can discuss rates. **************************************** Summer MMX -Current Projects: *My book project is underway and I have a wonderful array of models I will be working with. If interested, I AM looking for 2-3 more female models, 21+, who suffer from a chronic illness. Even if you have never modeled but always been told you should, write me! *A collection of faerie tale and literary characters throughout the times. Once completed, the works will be made into my 2nd book. I am moving away from what I focused on while living in the NYC area. I grow bored very quickly, and need constant mental stimulation to work. Thank you! Lisa Hellen