Sonic artifices: effects and sensations: hugely alive, unchained sounds.

This albumtruly synthesizes the Psicotropicodelia concept/term: in its freedom of styles, tempos, rhythms & tensions.

A-TEK has been in our compilationss from the start; these - along with the EP "In+OUt (Urban Nightmares)", released in early 2009 - presented the project's music ambitions to our listeners. We have now a more extensive work, fulfilling all its potential.
If this was to be described by a main ‘label’, or grouped in a genre, maybe experimental electro/synth would be the closest definition, but you will notice these 13 tracks are on a major league of styles and possibilities!

We believe in the great quality of this, listen loud and understand!

Mikhail Gusenkov is a russian producer who has been, over the last years, delivering dozens of eps and tracks through a lot of different netlabels, including the one with his project's name,Razxca.

Working on the boundaries of noise/ experimental - besides the eventual cinematic - soundscapes, plenty on static effects and sound collages: we are pleased to present Razxca in his first release at Psicotropicodelia Music.

SecktumSepra EP: with a lo-fi and minimalist production: covers: skit//long-sized tracks, hardcore techno beats, a tiny pop music deconstruction, a piano + white noise score composition and an extreme tension which goes on until it reaches a nearly ear-melting climax.

Bruno Trocoli is a producer and designer based on Franca city, Sao Paulo state, Brazil. His first ep, "Extra-Cultura", released in 2007, was the second solo work we published. It came to be our most listened and downloaded item @ Jamendo site, getting to the top listings there for many months.

After 2 years, a lot of ideas and will of "inventing"/ working on diverse styles were accumulated, and suddenly he came up with this double album containing 25 new tracks. It was totally worth the wait!

Sonora dares definitions: it is creative to the extreme and really fun to listen to: a quality consensus among the three label's coordinators.
In spite of so many songs, it lasts some 55 minutes, pointing the intention of entertaining the listener with a mega sonic cocktail: hip hop, idm, electro, breakbeat, downtempo/trip hop, grime/dubstep, ambient, world music, dream pop, mash-ups, etc; it's all there.

It's our last item of 2009, and one of the most stimulating, recommended to listen in its entirety, from first to last track!
Sonora rules!