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release date: 8 February 2010

Birth's highly anticipated debut studio album, "I WILL" offers 9 new tracks of raw minimal Los Angeles synthpunk. For those unfamiliar, Birth (also commonly known as BIRTH!) is Douglas Halbert, of a Denver deathrocker origin then scraping by feverishly in LA much of this past decade. His songs are blunt and driving, and his physical performance is as explosively engaging as any in the rich/depraved history of Californian experimental punk. Since the conception of Birth in 2007, Doug has toured both US coasts (with Realicide and various others), was featured in a European tour surrounding the Drop Dead Festival in 2008, has been a consistent figure in most events bizarre in the LA area, and has had a killer tape of demo recordings in circulation. For those already acquainted, "I WILL" shows substantial evolution in this project. Not only is it Birth's first properly produced work with more layering of various keyboards and vocal work, but the songs are overtly more autobiographical. Whereas previous songs dealt in a somewhat more generalized expression of anxiety, lust, rage, etc. the content of "I WILL" describes much more personal situations of loss and the struggle to build a life from an array of very broken experiences. The album is dark but conveys a determined optimism, evident not only in the words themselves but within the unhesitant energy of their delivery. Coming from deathrock doesn't have to lead to a lifetime of sulking after all! Watch out for BIRTH! at Drop Dead Fest 2010! Mastered by Mavis Concave. Full color artwork by Robert Inhuman. CD comes with a lyrics sheet and 4x4" sticker.

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"Some of my best friends are monsters. Douglas is a kid Iíve known for about five years now. After cutting his teeth as a bass player and experimenting with the industrial noise of Elephant Skull, he began making thrashy electropunk tunes under the name BIRTH!, and heís only been getting stronger. Like some deadly combination of Test Dept and Dandi Wind, he delivers shrieked vocals and war-whoops over brutal analogue electronic beats. Between his other musical duties in Bestial Mouths and Realicide, he tours and plays punishingly energetic shows, having abandoned his apartment and job for the sounds he loves. This kid is the fucking essence of mutant punk; violent, ever-evolving, and uncompromising."

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