Interview With: Wes Bebee

Cult Killer: *We know that you have a new album coming titled "The Mechanics Of Self-Destruction" Any theme that this album follows?

Violence, Among other things. And sex. I've spent a lot of time developing pent up rage against well, everything. I suppose you could consider this
an aggressive fist fucking, put forth to alleviate some of that overwhelming frustration.

Cult Killer: *Do you have a track list to share with us yet?

No track listing as of yet. so far we have 9 tracks. we are aiming for around 16. A few track names are "Beneath The Surface" and "A Bullet Without A Gun".

Cult Killer: *Who did most of the work on this album?

The album was constructed by Rain, and myself. Really it's hard to say. The majority of the melodies, guitars etc. were Rain.
He's has also had a lot to do with the production elements of it. I've handled a lot of the percussion, track structuring, and vocals (obviously). I think it's fair to
say we're both equally to blame for this atrocity.

Cult Killer: *Any particular track you enjoy more then the others?

Well, we have one track that I think will stand out quite a bit. It's called Metal. I won't give too much away, but I can see it appealing to
fetishists and fuck junkies. I anticipate it, along with this entire album, to be a staple ingredient to the entire sadomasochist subculture.

Cult Killer: *What influenced you to make this piece of art?

Isolation. Not in the physical, literal sense. I'm a rather social person, on one level. But on another, deeper level, I feel very isolated from
everyone around me. Detached, I suppose. I've done many perverse things, in attempts to feel something, anything really. Usually with little or no success.
I suppose that's how this album came about. Perversion and loneliness, objectified.

Cult Killer:* This album reminds me alot of old Skinny Puppy. Any influence there?

Although both Rain, and myself, are fans.. I'd have to say no. Really, we have found it very difficult to find any influence for MFH. It seems
all of our idols are heading directions that neither of us are very fond of, or can draw influence from. That, in itself, was a big driving factor for this album. It is hard
to appreciate things for the sake of liking them. I look at complacency as a disease, and I have no intention of being infected by it. I derive a lot of influence
from things other than music. Chuck Palahniuk is a huge influence to me. Movies as well. Irreversible is particularly noteworthy.

Cult Killer: *Your voice sounds very screechy on these songs, what did you do to make it sound that way?

Surprisingly, the vocals aren't overly saturated with effects. I read in an interview that, on Leonard Cohen's last album, he would stay up late drinking scotch
and smoking cigars. Then he would pass out, and wake up three hours later, and record vocals. He intentionally destroyed himself, for the sake of making a
better record. I had strep throat when I recorded a bunch of the vocals for this album. I could barely talk, or swallow. I remembered that interview, and thought
that it only made sense to take advantage of my illness. After recording, I was incapable of talking for days. I also coughed up a considerable amount
of blood. Almost all of the effects on the album were created digitally. For vocals, I've been using Kombinat, by Audio Damage. Oh, and OHMicide, from Ohm force.

Cult Killer: *I understand that you are going to be having a official site up sometime, What's that going to have on it?

I hope to do something unique with the site. I don't want it to come off like another boring band site. I would love to make it interactive, and find ways
to keep in touch with the fans.

Cult Killer: *Any plans set to have forums on there?

I think a forum would be a great thing to have..

Cult Killer:* In the songs there is a lot of talk about a "her" and "she", any particular person your talking about?

Well, more than anything, is meant to be metaphorical. Much of it is about a particular person as well. Many people, in fact.

Cult Killer: *Alot of good lyrics in here, any favorites?

Most, if not all, of the lyrics are inspired by actual events that have taken place in my life. Therefore, they tend to hit on memories that have left stains on my
existence, and I tie emotional responses to them. One track in particular, called Confinement comes to mind. It refers to a relationship I was in, that tore me apart. The lyrics
"I am an insect, tangled up inside her web. I am defenseless as her skin begins to shed" hits me every time i hear it.

Cult Killer: *What was your goal in making this?

The goal was to get out a lot of the frustration I've dealt with. I have a lot of repressed angst towards many people, and things in my life. I spent about five years in a cage,
with no way to unleash my creativity. Once the bars rusted, and I gnawed my way out, I took a look around me. I hated everything. This is my way of combating all of that.

Cult Killer: *How and when do you plan on releasing this?

We hope to release the album in the next six months or so. Although, I'm not above sitting on it for another five years if I have to. The method of release, initially at least, will likely be
Creative Commons. Freely available for download on our website. I loathe the record industry, and have no real intention of selling my art to someone who will maliciously castrate it.
I just really fucking hope the world takes this album as seriously as we do. We have no intention of becoming another Myspace casualty.

Cult Killer: *Thanks for taking your time to let me interview you, I know I'm going to enjoy this album as much as everyone else. Good Bye!