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Empire State Human/Ninthwave Records are delighted to announce the return of lace>Irelandlace>’s most productive band Empire State Human, with the April 14th release of the scintillating new album “Audio Gothic”.>>
Amazon.com - http://www.amazon.com/Audio-Gothic-Empire-State-Wolfgang/dp/B001VGN8AQ/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1237844859&sr=1-4>>
Limited edition (50 copies only) pre-ordered via - http://dyingaslowdeath.blogspot.com/>>
Following the release of two digital albums in 2008 (“Popularity?” and “Rarity?”) “Audio Gothic” is clearly ESH’s strongest and most instantly memorable CD to date. A powerhouse of true electro-pop gems, each song backed by dynamic production and catchy melodies, it clearly show cases a cohesive new sound and sublime song-writing skills, by the bands creative nucleus of Aidan Casserly and Seán Barron. With stunning art work by Stig Olsen (current art guy for The Human League) and mastering by Idle Works Mastering. >>
Written and produced in the bands Electric Eye studio, “Audio Gothic” includes their recent e-single “Melancholic Afro”, which features ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür/Yamo. The title track features leading Irish vocalist Carol Keogh (Autamata) in the intro of the song. It’s sure to please existing ESH fans and attract new ones along the way.>>
> F>ull track listing to “Audio Gothic”
“Audio Gothic”, “Camera”, “Ghosts In lace>Americalace>”, “Leap Of Faith”, “Melancholic Afro” (feat. Wolfgang Flür/Yamo), “I Work For The Government”, “No Wires”, “Seeing Stars”, “Like Diamond” and “Sitting Solitude”.>>

Aidan Casserly, lace>SeánBarron & LarKiernan
lace> Human