"Shut Up!" Unknown male vocals

> >
When Iím by myself,
Iím often thinking of you
Then I try to say
I just donít know how to
If only the words that I speak could express
My emotions
If only the things that I hear would express
My inhibitions
> >
Shut up
Let it shine, feel it
Did you give in
Let it shine on me
> >
Day by day when I know them
Theyíre dreamin on you and Iím walking
And I feel my mind for so many times
How can I hide, I know itís right
I know I got to, I know I need to
Tell you I want you, tell you I need you
Iíve tried to deny it but I just canít fight it
and I know, itís winning
This feelin that you give
> >
> >
Deny deny deny
This feelin that you give