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My name is Ghostwheel and I am a New York-based producer / recording artist. Being a long-time Depeche Mode fan, whose artistic life has been tremendously influenced by the band, I had embarked on an ambitious project to record a Depeche Mode cover album for my debut release. The album is now finished and released on Minor Key Records, and I wanted to stop by and give you the heads up about this new exciting project.

The album is simply called Newborn (A Depeche Mode cover album) and was recorded during most of 2006 and the first half of 2007. Newborn was produced, engineered and mixed by me and mastered by Scott Hull (Garbage, John Mayer).

Newborn contains 10 Depeche Mode covers that may just surprise you as the songs are radically interpreted, yet instantly recognizable. My principal objectives were to reinvigorate some of Depeche Mode’s more obscure songs, while reinventing some of their universal classics. Thus, on Newborn, you can find a minimalist, ethereal It’s No Good, a dreamy, yet aggressive I Feel Loved, and a piano-based symphonic Get Right With Me. In parallel, you will hear a richly produced, guitar-driven Sea Of Sin, an almost techno-inspired Behind The Wheel, a poppy, but oddly-nuanced It Doesn’t Matter Two, and a classic synthpop Sometimes. Finally, the collection is completed by a sneaky, industrial Newborn (the title track), and two uniquely intriguing renditions of The Darkest Star.

As expected, my musical influences are partly rooted in Depeche Mode’s world of dark synth-based, sample-driven electro-rock. Nevertheless, I also share a substantial love for UK’s guitar-founded britpop. As such, a significant influence for the record can be found in the music of bands such as Placebo, Suede, Coldplay, and why not – Sigur Ros, Nick Cave, and David Gray. Perhaps the best way to describe Newborn is as a more guitar-intense electronic album or conversely, as a more electronic britpop album. In either case, Newborn is profusely flooded with Depeche Mode’s favorite recording elements: synthesizers, samples, and live instrumentation.

Newborn’s tracklist is as follows:

01. Sea Of Sin 5:14
02. Behind The Wheel 5:34
03. Newborn 4:27
04. It Doesn't Matter Two 3:51
05. I Feel Loved 5:49
06. Get Right With Me 3:23
07. Interlude 2:08
08. Sometimes 2:55
09. The Darkest Star (Part 1) 4:57
10. The Darkest Star (Part 2) 7:06
11. It's No Good 5:55

We would love to get your feedback! As mentioned, the album is now out on Minor Key Records and is available for purchase at multiple online retail sites (see below). Feel free to check out the songs at Ghostwheel’s website and let us know what you think! :-)

Thank you for your support!



Official web site: www.ghostborn.com
MySpace page: www.myspace.com/ghostborn
Shop Newborn at: CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes


Here is what the fans have to say about Ghostwheel’s Newborn:

Sea of Sin kicks off the album with a punchy rhythm track and a melodic hook that won’t get out of your head. It’s the album’s strongest effort and deserves to be the lead track – man, does it impress! Ghostwheel seems to have chosen the song’s many layers like a florist making an arrangement: thoughtfully with a gift for flair.?
-- Morgan Brown (cmorganbrown at gmail dot com)

“I never imagined a slow interpretation of I Feel Loved could sound so good!?
-- yori (yordana at mail dot bg)

“The piano-led rendition of Get Right With Me sounds nothing like the original but works wonders: the softness of the track is almost melancholy and yet sweet at the same time.?
-- Morgan Brown (cmorganbrown at gmail dot com)

“I am shocked how good Sometimes turned out! What Ghostwheel did with this song is inhumanly terrific!!!?
-- Blagovesta (blagovesta at depeche-mode dot org)

“On Behind The Wheel, a running bassline leads into this tightly produced track that showcases Ghostwheel’s vocal range. While the original version features David Gahan’s low-key understated vocals, Ghostwheel’s octave higher singing lends the track an intensity that works well.?
-- Morgan Brown (cmorganbrown at gmail dot com)

The Darkest Star Parts 1 and 2 are so well done, they make Depeche Mode's version sound like it was produced with Playskool toys!?
-- Lauren (jelaure1 at umbc dot edu)

“You have my admiration for It’s No Good. I can honestly say that your version sounds better than the original.?
-- N:Mode (ni_sabev at abv dot bg)

“I love The Darkest Star (Part 2) even if there’s really only 14 words in it… the part where the guitar wails by itself and then the rhythm track kicks back in (~5:25) is so awesome it gives me goosebumps!?
-- Morgan Brown (cmorganbrown at gmail dot com)

“Other tribute albums don't come to near to expressing the dark and soulful side of the Mode like Ghostwheel has (and I bet Depeche Mode would agree). As a tribute album, it stands up to its name.?
-- Lauren (jelaure1 at umbc dot edu)