I am beginning to collect submissions for another dark music mailing. This time, it's a little different - I am offering promo mailing by SONG. For $20, I will include your track on a professionally printed CDr to be shipped to 40 DJ and 40 magazines. The recipients will be informed that this is -not- a commercially available compilation, and all tracks should be evaluated individually. I can not guarantee that the DJs will play your song or the magazines will review your song, but I will target DJs that are willing to play most everything dark, and reviewers which do extensive reviews. These will include e-zines and web radio. You need to get in on this one now, I probably wont do it again for quite a while if ever! The DEADLINE is MARCH 16th for a complete submission package (detailed below).

So, who is this for? For people without a CD, who would like a track out there for DJs and to get a few reviews. For people who have an upcoming CD and want to create a buzz and have material for future press releases. For people who have a CD just out which can't afford a full campaign or would like to supplement a campaign (i.e. other well known radio station servicing). For people who have an older CD out wanting to drum up a little more buzz and freshen sales again.

What I need - The track, transmitted electronically (we can work out the details once you've been accepted) or through snail mail; a signed release form for manufacturing/broadcast; 1 paragraph describing your band or your song or whatever you would like to say to get the attention of the DJ/reviewer; and $20

I prefer mastered tracks - if the track is not mastered (please indicate so), I will do a quick and dirty mastering and ensure all levels are fairly equal for all tracks over the entire CD (mastered tracks will be reduced in level only, not increased, if necessary to fit within the volume levels of the CD) Mastered levels should be around -12db RMS - this is what I will be shooting for. The length limit is 5 minutes. I may approve extra length on a case by case basis after all submissions have been received.

What you get - 1 copy of this CD (for proof it has been manufactured, not for resale), and a list of DJs and reviewers/magazines this CD has been mailed to (with addresses, websites, and emails). I will also attempt to forward any playlists and reviews I come across resulting from this mailing.

Tracks will be ordered in the order of money received (i.e. first come, first served) and reviewers and DJs usually start at the beginning, so its best to be first. The first slot is saved for the exception #1 below. Unfortunately, I wont be willing to tell your position before payment.

I reserve the right to refund money if all components of the submission are not submitted in a timely manner (i.e. if you are the last person holding up the CD for a week or more, you'll be booted) or if I have an emergency which does not allow me to complete the task. Also, I may choose to extend the deadline in nescesary.

I will also accept full CDs for this mailing, at $150 per CD. I will need 81 CDs (one for me!) and 80 one-sheets.

I am also willing to do a remix of 1 submitted track (providing you can supply a remix pack), and place your track first on the CD with the remix last on the CD (only if you like it, of course - or the remix can be first if you prefer). I have done remixes for many artists such as Christ Analogue, Terrorfakt, Collide, Acumen Nation, CrocShop (all which have been released on CD) and about 30 more artists. If you would like some references or examples, let me know. You get the remix to use as you please. With your permission, I would also submit your track to future compilations I come across, as well as hEADaCHE remixes V3 if it comes to light. This option is $100, first come, first served.

If I have already done a remix for you the fee is only $10 for option #1 for that remix only.

DEADLINE FOR ALL IS MARCH 16th! Contact/paypal: headaque@yahoo.com