New electro/synthpop US label Section 44 has 4 new releases out!

First is Ideal Warfare, the new Dual Single from PROVISION featuring 15 exclusive remixes by Rename, People Theatre, System Syn, Back And To The Left, Blind Faith & Envy, & More.

The second release comes from Colorado Springs based dark synthpop project RHYTHMIC SYMPHONY and is called The Mechanism Fulfilled. The one man creation of Justin Kesselring, the tracks range from soaringly epic to eccentrically dark moods of thought. Lyrics are driven by an honest collection of ponderings, theories, frustrations and epiphanies designed for provoking thought.

Third is ELOQUENT's limited Carousel of life E.P. is a preview to the full-length, two-disc Carousel of Life album. This is the first cd containing new songs from the production team of Randall Erkelens and Steven Cochran. The track "A Red Letter Day" is a Pet Shop Boys cover that is sure to please PSB and synthpop fans alike.

Finally the first installment of Section 44's Sector Series SECTOR 1 Compilation is released featuring tracks from Zombie Girl, deZeption, Eight To Infinity, Splendor Projekt, Tristraum, and many others.

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Thank You for all of your support!!!

Breye 7x / Section 44