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Thread: the new And One singles

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    Default the new And One singles

    badass... totally recommend them

    they all come with classic And One tracks recorded live and the b-sides kick ass. my fav b-side is Tell Me Lies off of the "E" single which also comes with a great live version of Sometimes.

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    I got the And One "So Klingt Liebe" box set in last night. The main track is really good. I love that guitar sound in the song. My favorite b-side is "Hardware Conflict." I like the arcade sounds in the song, and the chorus is quite catchy. "Tell Me Lies" is a little too hard for me, and I really don't care when Chris Ruiz starts singing later in the song.

    As I've said before and after seeing them twice in concert, Steve doesn't sing well live, and these live tracks prove it. He sounds nothing like he does on the albums. The music is good, though. Gio Van Oli's backing vocals sound very good. I haven't seen them live with Van Oli yet.

    I'm looking forward to their new album. I can't believe all of the songs that they have for this album. Two b-sides for the "Military Fashion Show" single. Three b-sides for "So Klingt Liebe," and now, I read that there'll be five bonus songs on the limited CD.
    And One didn't even have a b-side for the "Krieger" single.

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    dude... live vocals aren't supposed to sound perfect. i love the live songs on the singles!

    and Tell Me Lies is a bit harder... but no more hard than Deutschemachine was. I really think that Tell Me Lies is my favorite And One song now... it's like after all this time they finally made a damn good dance industrial track that wasn't goofy at all.

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    lol! Yes, it's true that live vocals don't have to be perfect. I don't want a total reproduction of studio songs performed live, but Steve is so off-key when he sings. I love to sing along with Steve on the albums, and I just can't do it when I hear those live tracks.

    After a few more listens, "Tell Me Lies" is good. You are right that it's a non-goofy industrial track. That's what I like about And One is that they can get serious at times. "Strafbomber" off of Aggressor is another non-goofy industrial dance track, but just like in "Tell Me Lies," Chris has to sing for some reason. hehe

    Speaking of Deutschemaschine, I prefer the softer first half of I.S.T over the last four kind of harder songs on I.S.T. I love the whole album, but I'll take "Murder, Murder," "Secret," "When The Feet Hurt," "Driving With My Darling," etc. over "Deutschemaschine," "Body Nerv," and "Take Some More." However, I like "Heart of Stone" a lot. "Loser means leave him alone. Our leader's got a heart of stone."

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    What up my nerdy sons. Hope all is well with you all.

    Take a look at the video, which features a woman that I would not only bang her vaginal and rectal cavities into oblivion, but I would SERIOUSLY stick my nose into her anal passage (SNIIIIFF) while at the same time figure 8 my tongue around every crevice of her labia, and dip into her cervix as if I was the bastard child of Gene Simmons and Richard Nixon (I'm not a crook shaky face). Yes, I would do this all night and even fall asleep with my face in her ass until I woke up to a salmon sunshine.

    Oh man...she is FINE you pigs. FINE. Anyway, what was I talkin about?

    Oh yeah, here is the video:


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    dude.... WTF

    calm down

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    Thanks for the video. Your comments were really more than I would ever wish to have you share at EGN, but knock yourself out.
    A04 of SoundMine, self-proclaimed electromilitant

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