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Thread: Congress is poised to end network neutrality -- please help stop this

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    Default Congress is poised to end network neutrality -- please help stop this

    This message is for Internet users in the United States. I know a lot of non-Americans read this forum. I apologize in advance since this does not directly relate to you, but you might want to ask your own leaders where they stand on this.

    My name is David L. Vessell, and I live in Arnold, Missouri, USA. I record electropop and produce net radio (you're probably most aware of Escape From Noise) as David Vesel. I am co-owner of Cygnus Radio. I have been on the Internet for 18 years, worked in the IT industry for 11 years, and have taught IT for the last 5 years. I am not given to hyperbole and I know an urban legend when I see it. This is not an urban legend, it is real, (verified true by, the Urban Legends Reference Pages) and it is important that anyone who uses the Internet to access alternative sources of media, entertainment, and news be aware of and act upon this very grave issue.

    The issue is network neutrality. Simply put, it means that all Internet traffic is treated the same. No net data is unfairly boosted up or slowed down. You get your Internet data the same as everyone else. We take this for granted.

    The Telecommunications Act is being overhauled, which happens every 10 years or so. The new version being worked on is the Stevens Telecommunication Act (S.2686).

    It's passed the House, and being battled in the Senate, and most people don't know a thing about it, or that they're even talking about it.

    One of the things the big telecom companies -- the ones who own the Internet infrastructure -- want to do is eliminate the net neutrality rules.

    Net neutrality means the same as the old "common carrier" rules of the phone system. All traffic is treated the same. Whether you're IBM or Bob's Computer Shop, Yahoo or a blog, Clear Channel Communications WXJQXQJZ superglobal radio or Cygnus Radio.

    They want the right to let customers pay more for higher priority on Internet delivery of their content. I'm sure to some of you it sounds reasonable, perhaps even fair. Which is why it's so dangerous and the threat to your Internet choices is so grave.

    What does this mean to you? Well, it means that:

    * If your ISP is AT&T and they have a deal with Yahoo, you'll get crappy connections to Google. The CEO of AT&T is on record saying that they should be able to do this.
    * If your ISP sells Internet phone service, they could cut off your ability to buy competing Internet phone service, such as Vonage. Shaw Communications in Canada is already doing this.
    * If you have a complaint with an ISP, they could block your ability to speak on it. AOL has already done this once, blocking e-mails that mentioned a web site critical of them. Telus Communications in Canada has already done this, blocking its employees' union's web site during a work dispute.

    It also means many sinister things that incumbent, moneyed media interests are just dying to have a crack at:

    * Microsoft could buy up enough "priority" to bring Linux web sites to a crawl.
    * Major news corporations could buy up enough "priority" to choke off political bloggers.
    * The music industry could buy up enough "priority" to choke off any music file type they didn't approve of (under the guise of "stopping illegal downloading"
    * Heck, not just little people. They could choke off your connection to Apple iTunes.
    * The broadcast industry could buy up enough "priority" to render Cygnus Radio and every other indie net radio station into a useless stuttering, buffering, lo-fi joke.

    This isn't an urban legend. It isn't a net rumor. It is a bill in Congress. It is the Stevens Telecommunications Act and if it passes, the Internet as we know it is in grave danger of becoming just another spoonfed blotch of pablum carefully prepared by the Fortune 500. Just like the record companies that make up the RIAA. Just like Clear Channel Communications and generica radio. Just like a big bunch of reasons why you're bothering to visit this web site in the first place.

    What can you do?

    First, get educated. Visit, the web site of a consortium of organizations who are trying to get this thing shot down. They're tracking the public stances of Senators, and it's splitting on party lines.

    Second, write or phone your Congresscritter. Tell them that you want the level playing field we have now and to modify the Stevens Telecommunications Act (S.2686) to make net neutrality permanent in law. A handwritten, snail-mailed letter is best, phone OK but not as good. E-mail is useless, don't bother e-mailing them. That's not how they track things. This is the only way to really influence your Congresscritter.

    Third, if your Senator is on the Senate Commerce Committee, further ask them to revive the Snowe-Dorgan Net Neutrality Amendment (S.2917). This would permanently enshrine in law the even playing field we now enjoy.

    Third, tell everyone you know who uses the Internet, and especially anyone who uses Linux, listens to net radio, or listens to music not catered to by the major labels. They, and you, have the most to lose from this.

    The Senate is our best shot at stopping this. It has already passed the House. It is real. It is not a rumor. It is not an urban legend. It is the Stevens Telecommunications Act, S. 2686.

    If you've never taken an action to contact your government before, now would be a great time to start. This issue matters to you as an Internet user.

    Sincerely yours,
    David L. Vessell (my real name)
    co-owner, Cygnus Radio
    owner, Purple Note Multimedia
    DAVID VESEL -- synthetic music for humans
    On the Electrogarden Network
    Official Web Site
    Your mileage may vary.

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    Give it a year and AOL will be doing so in UK...
    music for deviant boy\'s and girls f**k playing master and servent\'s
    this is the new s**t

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    This is another fine example of the result of having a Republican majority in Congress. The GOP will always rally for big business.
    I agree with David...let's do what we can to get this bill shot down.

    The "save the internet" link you provided is not working.
    I don't consider that a good sign.

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    I support this bill 100%

    I love George W Bush and want to have his babies, he is the greatest human being alive. If you don't support him then you are UNPATRIOTIC and should be put before a firing squad for being a traitor to your country. I hope you all die.

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    I did some research on this important issue. I'm not surprised to find that any senator that is against net neutrality is a republican, and all but one senator voting for net neutrality is a democrat. The stance of the majority of the Senate though is still unknown.
    David, there is a comma directly after your link which is preventing the "save the internet" website from loading.
    Joel, I hope you are joking.

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    Originally posted by Tekkrokk
    Joel, I hope you are joking.
    i don't joke. if you don't like Bush then you need to get out of this country. Bush is the greatest man ever and he is only doing what is best for us. you must give him your undying support or else you should be burned at the stake as a traitor.

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    LOL...silly Neo-con. I don't like Bush or Cheney. And I'm not going anywhere. I don't have to give support to a president who lies, and only thinks of the benefits of big business.
    Your statements reflect a dictatorship, so maybe you should move to a communist country.

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    oh so now not only are you talking shit about Bush and our country but now you are talking shit about communism?

    why i oughta...

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    Originally posted by joel_sgx

    you must give him your undying support or else you should be burned at the stake as a traitor.
    Who sounds like a communist? Not me.

    Now getting this thread back on track, check out:

    Check it out. It affects all of us.

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    nothing could get this thread back on track

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    The Iron Giant could. He's really strong.
    A04 of SoundMine, self-proclaimed electromilitant

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    Originally posted by Tekkrokk

    Joel, I hope you are joking.
    Why would he be joking? There's nothing more patriotic than harassing those with different views. Thats the American way!

    And yes, I am joking.

    But to put things back on track.... don't touch my Google, man!

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    Let's et really serious here.

    Bush has gone soft. He is nothing but a flop-flopping liberal wank like the rest of the neo-cons. Looks like you've gone soft just like em' Joel! I just can't believe you are supporting that liberal weenie!


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    don't you dare talk to me that way Kevin... i'll thump you.

    i lub bush!!!!!!11111111111 HE IS HARDCORE BOYEEEEEE


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    I think that the basic problem is that the majority of people really don't care. These are people that buy from Amazon, search on Google, and keep their blog at livespace with lots of blinky blinky icons. What you mentioned might happen means nothing to them, and the congressman is looking at the bottom line in terms of business.
    A04 of SoundMine, self-proclaimed electromilitant

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    KennyLoggins : DangerZone
    dont die...


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    Joel, Joel, Joel...>
    >>You Bush lovin' freak! Bush is so liberal he makes Nader look like Cheney. Now that Cheney, there's one Darth Vaderesque, Gun-tote'n, conservative S.O.B. There's you a real politician. If only Cheney had a bird-shot'n chance of winning the next election...>>
    >>:P l.o.l.>>

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    I just hope that Jeb Bush runs in the next election... these past 6 years haven't been enough, we need more Bush in the White House!

    JEB BUSH FOR PREZ!!!!!!!!!!!111111

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    Do some freaking research and find out who are behind this bill and who are getting paid. You have to understand many politicians have lots of stake (money) on various current bills. Do some research on few politicians' previous resume. If you are serious, there are great forums about it. Also, you should understand by now that sarcasm doesn't work in this fourm. (ElectroRock) (Breaks) (IDM) (Industrial)

    \"There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.\"
    - Pablo Picasso

    \"The world only goes round by misunderstanding.\"
    - Charles Baudelaire

    \"It is quality, not quantity.\"

    \"why is it feel like a greatful dead show here? like that hippe that constantly talks about one band and how they changed their lives.\"

    PLEASE NO MORE \"I am a robot music.\" You are not a robot. Learn to program better like human beings.\"

    Electro is House music. If you don\'t like House music, please don\'t put down Electro, because it is trendy to say it. It might suprise you that Electro and House music were invented by Gay Black Americans in the mid 80s. They weren\'t invented by the beatless people who like to coin new trendy phrases.

    I am so tired of \"I want to be Depeche Mode or Erasure for the last 25 years.\" I hope I am not the only one. 25 years is a quarter of century and about a 1/3 of human life. If a person spends a 1/3 of his or her life having the same tastes, I don\'t know if that person acquired enough information to have an interesting life or has a problem understanding he or she is no longer a teenager.

    So called artists who never change, why do you call yourself an artist again?

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