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Thread: place your links to good myspace bands

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    the guys starts a post so people can name some of the bands they like and listen to; then he turns into an arrogant a-hole and proceeds to insult the girl who posted about her friend's band...

    so what if it's her own band? people will go and check it out and if they like it, then great, regardless of whether she sings, plays on or is just a friend of the band -- who cares?

    he accuses her of spamming but frankly, his posts at least on this thread, are much worse than any spamming for all i care...i mean, he first says she may be a guy, then he finds her profile which confirms here identity and then, he concludes it must be fake and goes on to lecture us on honesty...where do you get off man?

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    is this you again with a new profile?
    i am looking at your last seven posts.
    i always say a better way to market the music is provide good music so people will spread the information. there are other ways such as starting rummors as a fake person. that has been done in the past here. i think many people are sick of it. it is like this. it is like buying brand new speakers and headphones based on people's recommendations. when you take them home, they sound horrible and you feel pissed about the purchase. i think viral marketing doesn't work for people who live on the net, so figure out a better way.

    Originally posted by A04
    I had to go back up to the top. There was only one rule that I saw, which technically means that you didn't have to number it.

    Not listing your own band now includes listing bands in it with people you like or respect? That cuts it down for me?


    I added Erasure today. They are so cool.

    Why is Ladytron in everyone's top 8? I like them, but was there a contest or something.

    For the record, multimode isn't *bad* per se, but it comes off just being there. In the same vein, I like the Swedish act System (Lobotom Records, because their online presence sucks and their name doesn't do them any favors!)

    Thome Yorke? Each to his own...He has had this musical midas touch thing going, and I really don't see all that much in it all.

    I wanted to like telepopmusik, and I'm sure it has its time and place, but for me it wasn't tonight in front of my computer.
    I think the self-promotion was exciting in the past when people discovered few good bands for free. Now, the half of the population is becoming models and musicians without sacrificing the part of learning to be one. There are insane amount of crap online now. I said you can't name your bands. How simple is that statement? "YOU CAN'T NAME YOUR BANDS" How hard is to understand that statement? I know we got many foreigners here, but it is a simple statement. If you want to aruge with me, do it off line. I will show you how to argue. Some people like the great music of the past. Some people are waiting for some new legends. Not to mention, many of us are sick of reading the re-runs.

    All I have to say is the net proved many times that if you give people chance to lie, and they can get away with it, they will lie. That says tons of stuff about the humanity. (ElectroRock) (Breaks) (IDM) (Industrial)

    \"There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.\"
    - Pablo Picasso

    \"The world only goes round by misunderstanding.\"
    - Charles Baudelaire

    \"It is quality, not quantity.\"

    \"why is it feel like a greatful dead show here? like that hippe that constantly talks about one band and how they changed their lives.\"

    PLEASE NO MORE \"I am a robot music.\" You are not a robot. Learn to program better like human beings.\"

    Electro is House music. If you don\'t like House music, please don\'t put down Electro, because it is trendy to say it. It might suprise you that Electro and House music were invented by Gay Black Americans in the mid 80s. They weren\'t invented by the beatless people who like to coin new trendy phrases.

    I am so tired of \"I want to be Depeche Mode or Erasure for the last 25 years.\" I hope I am not the only one. 25 years is a quarter of century and about a 1/3 of human life. If a person spends a 1/3 of his or her life having the same tastes, I don\'t know if that person acquired enough information to have an interesting life or has a problem understanding he or she is no longer a teenager.

    So called artists who never change, why do you call yourself an artist again?

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    here's some of my fave sites:

    Honesty box:
    Beborn beton:

    …and last but not least: Spleen United

    …you must to listen to the song Heroin Unltd. …it’s got the most amazing synths!! Their debut album “god’s speed into mainstream” is great!

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    Default lies and conspiracy...

    Redflag, you must be obssessed and paranoid with fake profiles and self-promotion; no, i am not the same person you were incredibly rude to and if you still don't believe it, then that is your problem. i am just an occasional visitor to these forums where i get electronic music information, and i would normally not respond to a genius like you but this time i couln't resist. in any case, you make absolutely no sense;"buying speakers and headphones based on other people's recommendations"? well then, why do you ask people to post about bands they listened to? and again, what if it's her own band she's posting about? how does that make a difference? if somebody else completely un-related to that particular band had posted about it, then i suppose it would then be allright by you, eh? but it's the same frigging band, ain't it? if the point of the thread is for people to post about bands they know, what does it matter if one posts about his/her own band? at the end, people will check it out (or not) and if they like it, then it's great regardless of whehter the original post is from somebody related or un-replated to the band.

    as for your comments on the second paragraph of your post, go ahead and read them again yourself, maybe you will realize how stupid and incoherent you sound...or maybe not. (you'll "show me how to argue", you got to be kidding).

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    Ok, so I'm no MySpace design guru...just the basic, default white here:

    Be my friend!


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    benemex> I am almost certain that pop is not doubling as Red Flag. That's not his style Please don't take out your wrath there.
    A04 of SoundMine, self-proclaimed electromilitant

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    July 30th, 2007
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    This is a nice thread that got derailed, but here is another one that came up in a seperate conversation.

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