This has been a rather touchy subject the past few days, but i'm curious as to what everyone thinks of the matter, especially the illegalization of immigration aid.

I myself am pretty torn on my views; a little hypocritical actually.

One part of me thinks "Hey, they should have the same chance we did!" and all that they need is a little push in the right direction, which in turn will reduce the amount of coyotes (those whom are paid to sometimes inhumainly transport individuals over the boarders) that hurdle people into down right horrid conditions. In other words, have open borders, offer relief programs, education and so on so that they may legally work and live here. Of course that'd only work in the perfect world. This is where my confliction lies.

On the otherhand, I'm furious that so many jobs are being lost, by outsourcing and/or being occupied by illegal immigrants. Why hire someone qualified at 8/hour when you can hire someone who isn't, but will do whatever you want them to do for 4-5/hour. It's especially evident in LA since it's damn near impossible to get a beginning job here nowadays (take it from me, it really is.. I've been trying to get a job for months, and i've applied to damn near 20 different places),

I think instead of illegalizing aid, we should close off the boarders and get the illegals that are here legalized so that they can finally join the fair workforce.

But before we can help them, we as a nation must help ourselves. It may sound selfish, but we have alot of problems that must be solved- like a growing unemployment rate. It seems like that we as a nation have decided to build in a figurative swamp- no matter how strong our pillars are, or how many we build, we keep sinking further and further. The best way to characterize this is the outsouring problem- Extremely strong singular companies, but a weakening economy with which they are settled.

To sum in up: I believe in good will to everyone and everything, but we must prioritize ourselves so that we are secure before we as a nation decide to valiantly help others. I'm not saying kick them out, but in order to strengthen ourselves, either get them legalized quickly so that they join the fair competitive workforce, or perhaps make it where companies that knowingly and willingly employ illegals are fined... Actually scratch that last thing, if that were the case then they'd be fired and it would only contribute to the growing unemployment rate and degradation.

Anywho, quite sorry for the rant! I am curious as to what other people think and suggest.