April 18 2006
In this Saturday's Billboard Heaven 17's "Hands up to HEaven" is #30 on the club play chart. ADD still has copies-Order from ADD here.

ADD now has in stock :
Melody and Mezzo- Nightshade:
Garland Cult- Impossible

Electroluvs Cd went out today to the pressing plant.

Album glut- either in my hands or coming soon:
1. Alan Replica- CD he did two years ago that we just now are getting around to releasing. Next up- needs mastering and art.
2. Spray - Children of a laser God. With an "s" it seems. Needs mastering and art done.
3. Eiii- Yeah, still in the work, needs mastering, art, final track list (no open slots, just need to determine who goes where).

On the way-
4. White Town- mastered, art is done(?) have not seen nor heard a bit of it, but should soon.
5. Garland Cult - being mastered, no art yet - haven't heard it yet.
6. Space March - mastered, with art, have not heard it yet, but the art looks great!!!!

The Electroluvs new Cd is making the review rounds, getting great press. Ninthwave is having the album pressed up in the next week or so, so stya tuned for details. MEanwhile here are the reviews:

“Perhaps one the best electronic outfits currently processing tunes.” ManchesterMusic.co.uk

“This album manages to touch on pretty much everything that is good about new-wave electropop these days. Imagine an amalgam of the off-beat pop sensibilities of XTC, the inventiveness and minimalist tendencies of Add (N) to X and the twee playfulness of Belle & Sebastian… If there is any justice, this album will feature on the ‘Top 50 of 2006’ list of every music editor worth their salt, and be on heavy stereo rotation for everyone else” Rockbeatstone.com

“There's a punky ethic at work during 'On Thin Ice' and 'Wicked Girl' features some superb threateningly sexy vocals. There's even some honky tonk piano and steel string silliness on title track 'Bubblewrapped'. If you don't love the Electroluvs then I shall be very disappoited in you. no, really.” Tastyfanzine.com