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Thread: DJ Copper Top Setlists and News

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    Default DJ Copper Top Setlists and News

    Hello (setlists just below!)..

    Scene reports will come.. ya, riiiiiiiiight! I am about seven cities behind, so I am just going to try to do mini-reports over the next week or two since I am finally really home for awhile (except I go to Louisville next weekend!!). Also have a list of my favorite releases from last year to post. Working on my health and real job now too! :-)

    INIMIN (New Music Night News):

    Thanks to everybody for coming to my Anti-Valentines Day new music night event. Extra thanks to FreezeEtch and Arkitekt for coming up to DJ from Bloomington. About eleven people presented their "love sucks" stories and prizes were split between Jess (from my real job) and Kevin (the man in white). The house was pretty full, and everybody had fun. Me and Rony have a lot of cool themes and special guests coming monthly at The Melody Inn in the remaining months of 2006. New Music Night is every third Weds of every month at The Melody Inn.. we present mostly new music in a very wide variety of electronica styles. The Melody Inn is 3826 N. Illinois St. here in Indianapolis.


    Main Street Lounge in Louisville, February 23, 2006
    Talbott Street for EDEN (woo.. hoooooo!!) DETAILS COMING!! here in Indy.. March 29, 2006
    The Chamber in Cleveland, Ohio: April 1, 2006
    BACK at A Different Drum Synthpop festival (3 years straight): Labor Day weekend 2006

    +++ every other week at Strange Days at The Vault here in Indy
    AND monthly at Inimin: New Music Night here in Indy

    Spring and Summer will see me back on the East Coast .. yahoo!!, Detroit again, Chicago, and GERMANY!

    Hoping to finally play in St. Louis and maybe go back west again.

    DJ Copper Top at The Saloon for Hard Monday Christmas day, 2006.


    DJ Copper Top: "Dirt Cheap (Billions of Dollars Worth of Music For Next to Nothing)"

    this is pushed back.. May 1, 2006 release.. due to my real job (LOL). This CD will cost $5, or less, in case you pick it up for free at certain label sites. Includes a two color pressed CD, a promo card, and a bonus sticker.. all for $5!! Limited to 500 copies. Artists: Wideband Network, System 22, Azoic, Headscan, Urceus Exit, Beborn Beton, Delobbo, Andrew McIntosh, D:konstruct, XP8, Rupesh Cartel, Invisible Ballet, Monica Schroeder, Virtual Server, Alpha Conspiracy (Andrew from Iris), and Blue October. live set goes from electro, to synthpop, to dark trance.

    Various Artists: Infactious 2 (mixed, once again, live by DJ Copper Top)

    This one is due in May as well. Expect an even more polished mix, and a greater variety of harsh and dark techno styled artists, and the best in synthpop dance as well.. proving both of these genres have the right, and the ability, to exist on the club floor in our scene in 2006! From the Infacted label in Germany.

    SETLISTS (out of town):

    DJ Copper Top at Mephisto's in DETROIT, February 11, 2006:

    NINE INCH NAILS: The Hand That Feeds (Photek mix)
    COVENANT: Ritual Noise (main version)
    AYRIA: My Revenge Against The World (Out Out Exit mix)
    NEW ORDER: Jet Stream (Pete Heller mix)
    URCEUS EXIT: Together (Erogenous mix)
    DAVE GAHAN: Dirty Sticky Floors (Junkie XL Vocal remix)
    CULTURE KULTUR: Fading Away
    FREEZEPOP: Stakeout (DJ Ram mix)
    TECHNOIR: Requiem (trance mix)
    ROTERSAND: Almost Viloent
    GRENDEL: Interrogation Leash
    THOMAS P. HECKMAN: El Hazzared
    GOD MODULE: Transcend (Liquid Parallel mix)
    8KHZ MONO: Heavy Water
    EXILANATION: Killer Application
    ACCESSORY: Obsession
    HEADSCAN: Antenna Manifold
    CONJURE ONE: Tears From The Moon (Tiesto mix)
    DELERIUM FEAT. SARAH MCLAUHLAN: Silence (Above and Beyond's 21st Century mix)
    KYAU VS. ALBERT: Velvet Morning
    CAPSIZE: Satisfaction Guaranteed (Cistran's mix)
    SILICA GEL: La Mitad (Empty Sosofo mix)
    DARUDE: Music (Bostik mix)
    COSMIC ALLY: Paranoid
    VNV NATION: Interceptor (ABM mix)

    DJ Copper Top at Rock Island in DENVER, February 5, 2006:

    Gretchen's Gothic moment:

    PETER MURPHY: I'll Fall With Your Knife
    DEAD CAN DANCE: Ubiquitous Mr.Lovegrove
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    LAIBACH: Tanz Mit Laibach (Upbeat mix)
    ICON OF COIL: Headhunter
    FUNKERVOGT: No Tomorrow
    VNV NATION: Genesis (Icon of Coil mix)
    NOVEMBER PROCESS: Decadence (Harold Scoger mix)
    COMBICHRIST: Who's Your Daddy, Snakegirl?
    ACCESSORY: Obsession
    GOD MODULE: Transcend (Liquid Parallel mix)
    TRISTRAUM: First Embrace (Amari Club mix)
    THE DIGNITY OF LABOUR: XRV (Nevarakka mix)
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________

    NOISUF-X: Tinnitus
    THOMAS P. HECKMAN: El Hazzared
    PRO-ACTIV: Humanized Phase
    NEUROTICFISH: Skin (Binary 2002 mix)
    MNEMONIC: Therapy (Seize mix)
    AZOIC: Illuminate
    MONICA SCHROEDER: Poison (DJ Ram mix)
    TIESTO: Adagio For Strings
    DELERIUM FEAT. SARAH MCLAUCLAN: Silence (Above and Beyond's 21st Century mix)
    DARUDE: Music (Bostik mix)
    FLATLINE: Machinery
    NEGATIVE FORMAT: Particle Shift
    HEADSCAN: Antenna Manifold
    COSMIC ALLY: Paranoid
    NEVARAKKA: Tears of Mine
    IMPLANT FEAT. ANNE CLARK: Tune Up Your Chips and Circuits (Electric Universe mix)
    URCEUS EXIT: Metro (Shy Brothers mix)
    DELOBBO: Bronze

    DJ Copper Top at The Jungle for DV8 in ATLANTA, January 27, 2006:

    Set one:

    VNV NATION: Fearless
    DI PRESSIV: Am Ende Der Welt
    ANDREW MCINTOSH: The Uranium Age
    COSMIC ALLY: Twin Sun (Novan K's Club mix)
    MONICA SCHROEDER: Poison (DJ Ram mix)
    FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD: Relax (Saeed and Palash mix)
    PET SHOP BOYS: Home and Dry (Blank and Jones mix)
    COMBICHRIST: I'd Like To Thank My Buddies
    GOD MODULE: Transcend (Liquid Parallel mix)

    Set two:

    ALTER EGO: Satanic Circus
    TERRENCE FIXMER: Danse Avec Les Ombres
    NOISUF-X: Tinnitus
    THOMAS P. HECKMAN: El Hazzared
    PRIDE AND FALL: December
    APOPTYGMA BEZERK: Kathy's Song (Ferry Corsten mix)
    CULTURE KULTUR: Reflex (Repicant mix)
    TOOGA FEAT. PIT BAILEY: Beyond Blue Eyes (DJ Feel mix)
    TRISTRUM: First Embrace (Amari Club mix)

    Set 3:

    SULPHER: Fear Me (al. needle mix)
    HELIOSPHERE: Hypocrisy
    DARUDE: Music (Bostik mix)
    ARMIN VAN BUUREN: Rising Star (vocal mix)
    CAPSIZE: Dissatisfaction Gauanteed
    CONJURE ONE: Tears From The Moon (Tiesto mix)
    DJ FEEL: New Day and Nothing

    Setlists (home):

    DJ Copper Top at New Music Night here in INDY, February 15, 2006:

    darker and harder..

    NOISUF-X: Tinnitus
    THOMAS P. HECKMAN: El Hazzared
    EXILNATION: Stronghold
    GEORGE ACOSTA: Blue Monday
    BINARY FINARY: 1998 (Ronski Speed Mix)
    ERNESTO VS. BASTIAN: Dark Side of The Moon (Dogzilla mix)
    THE HORROIST: Virus (Northern Lite mix)
    MONICA SCHROEDER: Poison (DJ Ram mix)
    PERAN: We Want To Be Free
    KYAU VS. ALBERT: Velvet Morning
    ARMIN VAN BUUREN FEAT. JESSICA SUISSA: Burned With Desire (Rising Star vocal mix)
    GREEN COURT FEAT. DE/VISION: Shining (Tiesto mix)

    DJ Copper Top at The Vault for Strange Days here in INDY, February 16, 2006:

    DE/VISION: I'm Not Dreaming of You
    MESH: Razorwire (Modified mix)
    COVENANT: Ritual Noise (Main version)
    WIDEBAND NETWORK: Just Like That (R3volve's Just Like Mike mix)
    FUNKERVOGT: Navigator
    DAS ICH: Uterus
    GOD MODULE: The Source
    REAPER: Totengraber (Orthodox version)
    8KHZ Mono: IRQ15

    COL FIJNEMAN: Monologue
    ICON OF COIL: Dead Enough For Life
    THOMAS P. HECKMAN: El Hazzared
    CHRIS LIEBING: A1 Bang The Brain
    ACCESSORY: Obsession
    CONJURE ONE: Tears From The Moon (Tiesto mix)
    DELERIUM FEAT. SARAH MCLAUHLAN: Silence (Above and Beyond's 21st Century mix)
    SYSTEM 22: Released
    THE DIGNITY OF LABOUR: XRV (Nevarakka mix)

    MONICA SCHROEDER: Poison (DJ Ram mix)
    SYRIAN: Space Overdrive (extended mix)
    SOMAN: Delta-Pi
    MUSCLE AND HATE: Let Your Body Learn (XP8'd remix)
    LES ANGES DE LA NUIT: I Find Myself
    P.T.I.: Gone Silicon (Negative Format mix)

    OK, well this took hours, so I am going to sleep.


    Gretchen/DJ Copper Top

    dj copper top
    Electronic Dance Music DJ (audio MP3 72 minute UP!!) (DJ mix audio snippets UP NOW!)
    ALSO>> USA/midwest
    electronic music promotions

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    Hi, been sucked into alot of normal life drama keeping me from the computer, but this is one attempt to catch up. I am going to try to include some music recommendations on most of my setlist reports from now on. Below that are three recent setlists, one from Cleveland! PLUS below that is the tracklist (not necessarily the order) for the new (and mainly free) mixed sampler that will appear in May sometime called "DJ Copper Top; Dirt Cheap". Right after that the Infactious 2 mix I have recorded will appear just in time for WGT. HOT!


    ORANGE SECTOR: Bassprodukt - The is some really great NEW old EBM. Great album since the tracks very in style from techno flavored, electro, and harsh EBM. What a come back for these guys. amazing.

    THIS IS TECHNO BODY MUSIC (compilation) - This isn't that new, I think it came out last fall, but I had to bring it up! What I love about this double comp is you get all the great hard edged techno flavored EBM and none of the cheese. I mean here is a taste of the artist list: Thomas P. Heckman, Kiew, Nitzer Ebb, Analogue Brain, Alex Smoke, Zombie Nation, The Horroist, Terrence Fixmer, VNV Nation.. it's one heavy club hitter after another in the true roots of early techno and technofied EBM.

    MUSCLE AND HATE: A Tribute to Nitzer Ebb - God I HATE tribute albums, but damn if XP8 and Sebastian R. Komor (Icon of Coils better half to me) pull it off.. sure these are all Nitzer Ebb tracks but the flavor is updated, and varying elements used, a must for any Nitzer Ebb fan, or for that matter, Icon of Coil/XP8 fan too.

    HEADSCAN: Pattern Recognition - Headscan is back! Another album filled with extremely intellient electronics, catchy melody at times, complex lyrics, and a few club anthems. This is dark electro industrial at it's best. Headscan if definitely one of my all time favorite dark and super intelligent electro acts.

    COVENANT: Skyshaper - Not necessarily my favorite Covenant release, still, this album is solid so definitely worth picking up. A nice album filled with some ballads, electro tracks, instrumentals, and dancefloor anthems. As always sweet production. Covenant hits again.

    MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE: Straight To Video: The Remixes - Well usually really remixed singles are so boring that I can't usually stand to listen to all of them, but take one fun punky pop track and give it a fifteen or so angles (including Combichrist, Frontline Assembly, Haujobb, Front 242, and The Birthday Massacre plus lots of other good ones) and this may already be the single of the year. Every dark DJ should pick this up.

    FAQ: Is Pornography Art - Well this one isn't new (came out last summer) but it's new to me!! I have to say this one hit me straight in the head and the songs haven't stopped running through it yet. A mixture of pop, indie, rock, synth, electro, and house. This one takes a minute.. the more I listen the more I love. It is so different. There are some tracks for the dancefloor, but mainly this is just an awesome album. get it now.

    CAPSIZE: A Perfect Wreck (w/bonus disc) - Jazzy synth tracks, beautiful pop melodies, and lush female vox.. this is really something different! Synthpop keeps evolving and I love every new trail it blazes. ++ be sure and get it with the bonus CD, that really completes it. Prolly the best bonus disc I got with a CD for a long time.. includes mixes by Silica Gel, Eloquent, DJ Ram ++ more.. pick this up!

    INTERFACE: Beyond Humanity - I am SO GLAD these guys got signed!! I have some of their original stuff from way back in 2000 and 2001. Drive and determination got these guys there, and true talent. This is a true album, mixing it up with trancey instrumentals, synthpop, electro, intelligent experimental, and a splash of EBM. Eat it up.

    DE/VISION: Subkutan - Theres been a lot of chat on the boards about this one. As always, I am in love, so very in love. Sure everybody has a stage of De/Vision they love, but I don't think there is any step far away, or lack of quality in this new album. Beautiful, melodic, German synthpop at it's best. I think the cover art is stupid though, definitely disapointed there.

    WIDEBAND NETWORK: Ten Thousand Seconds - Oh my God, this is an amazing album. Some artists are just so amazing they leep out from all the rest. This is an example. Wideband Network writes wonderful SONGS, combined with amazing electronic programming, and a wide variety of infuences. This album has that electro house flavor that is SO HOT in the synth scene right now. Be sure and get it with the bonus disc.

    URCEUS EXIT: Metro - This is the single, but if it speaks for the album (which I am sure it does) get them both right now. You have been seeing this single all of the time in my playlists (I play several tracks). Again, the label, Artoffact, is well known in this game for picking the more intelligent dark electro fare. Urceus Exit brings dark electro to a new level. Listening to this single I feel like I am in a surreal movie soundtrack, but not just watching it and listening.. no, in it.. kind of stuck in the gaps of reality and make believe. Complex lyrics, gorgeous vox, and amazing compsition, how can you lose?

    OK, well that took some time. Here are three setlists. The first is from last Thursday at our weekly night called Strange Days. The second is from my guest spot last weekend at Clevelands Chamber, and the third is from March's New Music Night I host here in Indy monthly.


    DJ Copper Top: Strange Days @ The Vault: Indpls - April 6, 2006

    FAQ: Never Again
    IRIS: It Generates
    NITZER EBB: Murderous
    MUSCLE & HATE: Control I'm Here
    ORANGE SECTOR: Polizisten
    L'AVANTGARDE: Take Me S.I.M.
    MICHIGAN: The Fallen Star (For Your Love mix)
    LES ANGES DE LA NUIT: I Still Love You

    HEIMATAERDE: Gott Will Es
    PSYCLON NINE: Lamb of God
    COVENANT: Ritual Noise
    APOPTYGMA BERZERK: In This Together (Flipside mix)
    8KHZ MONO: IRQ 15
    RUPESH CARTEL: Death With Soft Names (ext. mix)
    FAQ: Heartbraker (electroclash mix)

    GREEN COURT FEAT. DE/VISION: (Take) My Breath Away (club mix)
    BEBORN BETON: Vobei (Fap7 mix)
    CAPSIZE: We Are Wimps (DJ Ram mix)
    GEORGE ACOSTA: Blue Monday (NE-1 Morphed mix)
    FILTERFUNK: S.O.S. (Sander Van Doorn mix)
    ARMIN VAN BUUREN: Shivers (Rising Star mix)
    MOTORCYCLE: As The Rush Comes (Armin Van Buuren mix)

    DJ Copper Top in CLEVELAND @ The Chamber with Saturday Night host Dyad Faerie: April 1, 2006

    NOTE: This was an amazing night. I had a lot to deal with driving over 600 miles in a 24 hour period, a crowd I didn't know how would react to my style, equipment issues, and well.. it was just one of those moments of amazing happiness, and well needed to give me a BIG push right now. Special thanks to Dyad Faerie and Radio Darkfield Imagery WRUW 91.1 FM featuring DJ E.C. & the Mystery Dancer in Cleveland where I did a guest interview via phone the week before.

    MICHIGAN: For Your Love (For Your Love mix)
    MUSCLE & HATE: Control I'm Here
    COVENANT: Ritual Noise
    CONETIK: Cold Star (Dead Eyes) Swg mix
    FROZEN PLASMA: Hypocrite (Old School ext. mix)

    GRENDEL: Zombie Nation (Y2K5 mix)
    COMBICHRIST: I'd Like To Thank My Buddies
    GOD MODULE: Transcend (Parallel mix)
    NEGATIVE FORMAT: Echo Chamber
    VNV NATION: Beloved (Grey Dawn version)
    ASSEMBLAGE 23: House on Fire

    SUICIDE COMMANDO: Hellraiser (VNV mix)
    PAINBASTARD: System Failed (TD-Ram mix)
    GEORGE ACOSTA: The Reaper (Marc La Cruz Lost in Tibet mix)
    HEADSCAN: Antenna Manifold
    DELERIUM FEAT SARAH MCLACHLAN: Silence (Above and Beyond's 21st Century mix)
    DREAMCATCHER: I Don't Wanna Lose My Way (Tiesto mix)
    TIESTO: Adagio For Strings

    DJ Copper Top: NEW MUSIC NIGHT with DJ Rony: March 15, 2006 @ The Melody Inn Indpls:

    PORTLAND: Sister Of Dark
    BABYLONIA: A Spreading Infection
    FROZEN PLASMA: Betrayed
    NEEDLES EYE: Titanium
    LADYTRON: Destroy Everything You Touch (DJ Defekt mix)
    HEIMATAERDE: Tempus Es Iocundum
    PREMPTIVE STRIKE: Juggernauts Swarm
    CHRIS LIEBING: American Madness
    TOM WAX: ...And Then It Hit Me
    MUSCLE & HATE: Fun To Be Had (Delobbo mix)
    ASCII DISKO: Black Metal
    DEPECHE MODE: Lilian
    RUPESH CARTEL: Death With Soft Names (ext mix)
    ATB: Believe in Me (A&T mix)
    DAVE GAHAN: Dirty Sticky Floors (Junkie XL mix)
    NEW ORDER: Jet Stream (Pete Heller mix)
    URCEUS EXIT: Together (Erogenous mix)
    WIDEBAND NETWORK: Just Like That (R3volve's Just Like Mike mix)
    CONETIK: Cold Star (Dead Eyes)
    SOME GIRL: Feel Free (Stitch Edit)
    SCHILLER MIT HEPPNER: I Feel You (Humate mix)
    DE/VISION: Digital Dream (Icon of Coil mix)
    BT: The Great Escape (Attention Deficit mix)
    SYSTEM 22: Cherry (DJ Ram mix)


    As mentioned at the top of this rather lengthy music report I am doing two releases in May and June. One is with the Infacted Label in Germany, and is my second release with them. It will be done this week, after many trials and tribulations, and I think it's the best live mix I ever recorded (no humble girl here). Next, I will do the final recording of the Dirt Cheap mix which I am doing in collaboration with mostly my favorite labels, and many favorite artists. Not all new tracks, this is a classic electro house and more intelligent EBM/hard trance mix. Beginning in June I will be madly playing out to support the new releases, and will be back in Europe, as well as the Salt Lake City for the ADD fest in September ++ many places out east and west here in the USA too! (bug your local promoter.. book DJ Copper Top!!) Additionally, I have accepted a residency at a Hard house/trance night here in Indy. I am pretty hyped since it is a chance to really do the style of EQ, beat, and key mixing I prefer. Finally here is the track listing for the upcoming Dirt Cheap mix (not necessarily in this order though):

    URCEUS EXIT: Together (Erogenous mix)
    RUPESH CARTEL: Death With Soft Names (extended)
    SYSTEM 22: Cherry (Ram's Cherry Martini mix)
    WIDEBAND NETWORK: Just Like That (R3volves Just Like Mike mix)
    MONICA SCHROEDER: Everyday (DJ Ram mix)
    INVISIBLE BALLET: Escaping Light
    THE ALPHA CONSPIRACY: Defend Yourself (Andrew's Swing mix)
    XP8: Dreamt of Blue
    BEBORN BETON: Vorbei (Fap 7 mix)
    VIRTUAL SERVER Feat. Franziska Kalb from No Comment: Hyperspace
    BLUE OCTOBER: Free (Liberation mix)
    CONETIK: Superfluous
    THE AZOIC: Illuminate
    D:KONSTRUCT: Calling Out Your Name
    RHYOLITE: The Uranium Age
    HEADSCAN: Antenna Manifold
    DELOBBO: Bronze

    Well hope to see you all soon! I can check this off my list of things to do. :-)


    Gretchen/DJ Copper Top

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