New Electroluvs remix single Boy Don't Bother / Teenage Timebomb out now!

Electroluvs are a boy/girl pop duo from Scotland devoted to analogue noise, cut up sounds and soaring melodies. Previous releases include the Mk 1 album (2003 Xstatic Records).

Produced by Adaadat Records' Germlin, the single features "hi-nrg" remixes by grnr and Pulsar and is a taster for second album Bubblewrapped, to be released soon on legendary synthpop label Ninthwave Records.

"Entirely ace- a lovely bleepy start to the month" Tasty Fanzine
"effervescent, but arch, dance-pop" Vanity Project
"hints of Cabaret Voltaire, New Order and shiny Studio 54 disco floors" Manchester Music

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