One last chance for electrogardners to get a good deal on Ninthwave Cds: All CDs are $9 postage paid (folks outside the US please add $2 per Cd for postage).

Some Cds in this sale that have been mentioned on EG:

WXJL Vol one and two (both for just $6) includes Eight to Infinity, Xero/g, Carol MAsters and others

Tribute to Yazoo fea Soviet, Empire State Human, Ganymede, White Town, Comicity and more (just $9)

NASA - Remembering the Future- nromally $15, just $9 for EG folks!

Empire State Huma- Alpha and Omega or Pop Robot, just $9 each!

Xero/g - Just $9 for their Debut

for a list of all Cds go to

To pay - imnportant! Do NOT use the order page, use PAYAL and send payment to Please mention which Cds you are ordering.