Title: M
Artist: Ugo
Year: 2003
URL: http://www.blood-n-tongue.net/html/m.htm

This collection presents 3 long and minimal ambient tracks all created using the Metasynth visual synthesis application. This virtual synthesizer utilizes visual images to create sounds. Any image can be loaded into the application or sounds can be literally painted using the application tools. The resulting sounds are distinctively eerie and atmospheric. The title, M, refers to both the application and the Hebrew letter M which is associated with water, an appropriate symbol considering the liquid nature of the sounds.

All sounds were sampled, recorded, mixed and mastered on a Mac G4 using Logic Audio Platinum as the primary production software.

This and many other releases are available for download now in high resolution MP3 format, free of charge. These recordings are being offered for personal, private use only. Any commercial use is prohibited without prior consent.

Comments and inquiries are always welcome.

Note: Over the holidays, the BnT web host experienced a number of server problems including the complete loss of all audio files for this site. After five days of relentless uploading, all the audio files have been restored and are again available for download. Apologies to anyone who ran into problems downloading files during this time.

In addition, this will be the last set of recordings to be posted for awhile as the BnT web site is currently undergoing a bit of a face lift. Until then, the site will remain as is and an announcement will be posted when the new version of the site is up and running.