( ( ( S U G A P A B L O ) ) )

Just in that kind of mood lately. Must be all the yoga. Sugapablo releases yet another ambient track today. Track #43, "Snow Keeps Falling", on MP3 or Ogg Vorbis, was created while looking out of the window, watching the snow bury everything in sight.

Snow Keeps Falling - 15109 KB - 10:32 - MP3

Snow Keeps Falling - 9879 KB - 10:32 - Ogg Vorbis

Again, Sugapablo will be appearing at the Club Cafe in Pittsburgh's South Side, just off East Casron Street on Monday, January 26th, @ 7:30pm. As of now, Sugapablo might perform an entire ambient set, deviating from his usual fare. Come and space out and experience something different. American Idol will still be there the following week.

Club Cafe: http://www.clubcafelive.com