I used to use this kick-ass music app by Opcode called "Studio Vision Pro". One great thing about this app was that it allowed me to write music in mini-sequences, so I could develop my intro, chorus, bridge, etc.. independantly, and then construct the song using a Queue, and just punch in the order of those sequences (they were assigned letters, so I would punch in a combination like ABBCDDC for instance). This was such an awesome feature, since it allowed me to develop different song compositions, ideas, etc... Unfortunately Opcode dissappeared, and their great innovations dissappeared with them. I turned on to Cubase as an alternative, but I still miss this feature, since it is by no means available in SX.

Someone on the net pointed me to this other app called Muzys. The interface and workflow is very different, I mean VERY different, although it supports many things that Cubase does (VST, ASIO, ReWire). Are there any other tools out there that support that idea of having a queue or playlist to construct the structure of a song? I would certainly appreciate the info.