I've put together about three CD's so far called ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC. These are CD's with nice label designs on them with tracklistings. I pass them out at Retro-spect thursday in Houston inside Industry Cafe. I also air these tracks on New Wave Radio and play them at the club. People are starting to catch on at the club about the CD's. Today at 1:00 pm (Central Time) I will be airing CD#1 and CD#2 on New Wave Radio. If there are bands out there that need help getting their music played, Pm me. So far I've got IRIS, LOW-TECHNICIANS, PROVISION, CTRL, HALOVOX, MODYSSEY, B!MACHINE,DEKOY, LEIAHDORUS, INTERVOX, CAUSE AND EFFECT and A-box that i know frequent these boards. I have others bands as well but are more known in todays mainstream society. Pm if your interested.

The link to the stream is in the sig.

the time has been moved to 1:30 pm (central time)