If there are any Vocalists/Lyracists or even bands who need new material for future Cd's, contact me at eurovision1980@yahoo.com ...

I have plenty of instrumental tracks and some with lyrics, that need vocals and many that need lyrics that I havent been able to use with my band, EuroVision..

I realize most synth bands write their own stuff and dont use outside writers, but if you do need material, then contact me.

I also know there is some vocalists out there who might want to do a side project or a solo album away from your regular band, but might need music. Contact me..

I might have something for someone..

I just enjoy writing, and have many songs that arent being used, and I hate that their not getting used and being able to be heard by listeners...

If you're interested, then email me with some info and your mailing address, and i'll send you some songs, some with lyrics, some without..

Joe of EuroVision.