About a month ago, Aidan from ESH contacted me in hopes that I would review the new European demo they have been sending out. Naturally I told him to go screw himself, but I like the music they've put out in the past, so I told him...O K A Y, FINE!!!

The first track of the demo is Hand on the Gun (ESH wire in the blood mix). Naturally you put your best foot forward and the boys did exactly that. A pulsing beat, clean electronics, and a great chorus that I have been humming and singing for two weeks. Catchiness is a hard thing for me to get. I know what I like, and what is considered good music, but songs don't just stick in my head that often. This one's still banging in my noggin.

Number two on the disc is the new single, Liquid Blue. As a single it's fine, and does have a pretty atmosphere to it. But for some reason it just didn't fly with me. It's a fine little piece of synth candy, and has some quiet, slow mood to it, but it's not quite the treat I thought the new single would be. It works as a song, but I can also see why it's the second song on the disc.

Time/Travel, the partner in crime of Liquid Blue is a fun, instrumental electro track and really is just a blast. The main vocal sample is the operator telling the time over the phone, (which is different than in America. They say "precisely" instead of "exactly"...smart ass Europeans) but the production is fine, and it has a soulful bounce to it, another factor lacking in synth pop today. Which brings me to the last track, "The Witch", a cover of a song done by English rockers "The Cult".

Now the song might not be my favorite, but for a synth pop band to cover a song like this is fantastic. Talk about soul. No four on the floor with this one, just a bangin' synth rock beat and nice production all around. I really like the synths these guys use. Anti-pretentious synths, I like to call them. Not in your face, and not too calm either. A good cover, and a nice close to the demo.

Empire State Human's vocals are too high for my taste. And they are not the best band from Europe. But they are the best synth pop band from Ireland and I'll fight to the death on that one. If some bands in this scene can make a big name for themselves, and pretty much sound like crap, ( NO NAMES!), these guys deserve a LOT more recognition. Up there with Cosmicity, Red Flag, and Iris. No bull.

Steve Mitchell - Red Lizard Productions